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Spott House

Dunbar N.B

21 Dec 1890

Mr Ashby Graves

Dear Sir,
                I have not finished the A/CI am preparing to send you, so must post them tomorrow, Monday
                               Mr Hewson’s address is
                                1 Lark Field View
                                L&NW Rly

Please send the joint of beef, as I said yesterday, and the largest of the 4 Turkeys to Mrs Hewson carriage paid

                  I wish sent to Mr W A Wooliscroft
                Egerton Park
                Rock Ferry
Carriage paid
Mr W Hewson’s boss, send a second Turkey, with a label on, addressed
“Miss Bland – C/O W Hewson”

  The remaining Turkey I wish you to keep for yourself and Mrs Graves

                  Yours faithfully

  A Watt
                Do you consider the families of the locked out men at Garston should be assisted?
Myself I have no sympathy fro the men themselves, who had no grievance whatever and anything I give would certainly be anonymously

                                  A Watt