Ashcroft Farm

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Extract from letter from 19/10/1867 from Geo Whitley

James Ashcroft’s farm

            The tenant being old and infirm proposes to give up this to his son but you will recollect the house and buildings are quite unsuitable for a farm which is only about 35 acres & we had proposed on the first opportunity to add it to some of the other lettings, Mr. Leigh’s being one, I therefore think I had better tell Ashcroft that it is declined to make a separate letting again. The particulars shall be furnished to you shortly.

  Extract from letter from 30/10/1867 from Geo Whitley

Ashcroft’s farm

            Ashcroft’s family now wish to allow the tenancy to remain as it is, as the Father is very old (83) & infirm and they say it would be a great grief to him to give up the farm. I suppose we must therefore not disturb him as he is not likely to occupy it long and on his decease I should certainly apportion it amongst some of the other tenants.

  Extract from letter from 10/3/1868 from Geo Whitley

James Ashcroft

died a short time since and I find that his land adjoins Cartwright’s and Ashton’s farms between which it ought to be apportioned. Sutton wants some of the land but I do not see how he can be accommodated

  Extract from letter from 6/4/1868 from Geo Whitley

                                                                                                          James Ashcroft’s farm

            I am told is in bad order, notice to quit must be given prior to the 2nd August next, the land will legitimately belong to Cartwright and Wm. Ashton. Sutton wants a portion of it. This question can be settled when you are down here.

Extract from letter from 19/8/1868 from Geo Whitley

Ashcroft’s farm

            I have been unable to procure Mr. White’s valuation for want of a survey as on referring to Sutton he informs me that neither himself or any other person can, owing to the alterations in the fields, give an accurate statement of the quantities. I must see whether the general survey can begin to be made at that end of the estate.