Margaret Ireland

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Extract from letter 6/1/1870 from James Sprott

Margaret Ireland’s cottage

            is situate on the right hand of the road leading down to Oglet and nearly opposite to Thomas Langshaw’s, it is a wretched place and you said that when she died it should be pulled down which we all agreed would be most desirable. She paid no rent Mr. Watt having in consideration of her great age (between 80 and 90) consented to let her live rent free for life. She is lately dead & her daughter a widow with 3 daughters and one son wishes to continue as Tenant but as she is a very indifferent character she ought not to be allowed to reside in the Township and I have therefore told Mr. Meredith to inform her that she cannot remain as the cottage is to come down which will avoid any unpleasantness with her & if you think this should be done I will give orders accordingly & let the land be added to Langshaw’s farm.

            William Atherton is better but there seems little hope of Langshaw’s recovery.

  Extract from letter 17/1/1870 from James Sprott

                                   Margaret Ireland’s daughter

has been told to clear out as early as possible