Blacklock Hall Farm

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Robert Heathcote Swift     Smithy Lane
Lay representative and peoples warden in 1929

1901 census
Peter H Swift                  Head            38                    Joiner                           Lancs, Bickerstaff
Hannah Swift                Wife             39                                                           Lancs, Bickerstaff
Mary Swift                      Dau             12                                                           Lancs, Scarisbrick
Elizabeth Swift              Dau            11                                                           Lancs, Scarisbrick
Hannah Swift                Dau             9                                                             Lancs, Scarisbrick
Arthur T Swift               Son             4                                                              Lancs, Speke
Ada E Swift                   Dau              2                                                              Lancs, Speke
Robert H Swift              Son              1                                                              Lancs, Speke

John CARTWRIGHT                      Head            49             Farmer               Sankey,Lanc
Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT            Wife              47                                          Speke, Lancashire,
Edith J. CARTWRIGHT                 Daur            18                                          Speke, Lancashire,
John CARTWRIGHT                      Son              17             Farmers son      Speke, Lancashire,
James S. CARTWRIGHT               Son              15             Scholar               Speke, Lancashire,
Walter CARTWRIGHT                 Son               14             Scholar               Speke, Lancashire
Charlotte Jewitt                               Serv              19            Dom Serv            Liverpool, Lancs
Michael O’Hara                             Ser                 38            Ag Lab                 Ireland
Thomas Higesty                             Ser                20            Ag Lab                 Ireland
Anthony Martin                            Ser                19             Ag Lab                 Ireland

1881 census
John CARTWRIGHT                      Head            38             Farmer Of 105 Acres             Sankey,Lanc
Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT            Wife              36             Farmers Wife                           Speke, Lancashire,
Edith J. CARTWRIGHT                Daur             8                Scholar                                     Speke, Lancashire,
John CARTWRIGHT                     Son                7              Scholar                                      Speke, Lancashire,
James S. CARTWRIGHT              Son               5               Scholar                                      Speke, Lancashire,
Walter CARTWRIGHT                Son               4               Scholar                                       Speke, Lancashire
Sarah A. JUBB                                Gov               22             Governess                                 Howden, York                       
Mary A. BROWN                          Ser                19             General Ser Dom                      Great Crosby,
James CORCORAN             
      Ser                22             Farm Ser(Indoor)                      Greenwood Ireland
Patrick MURRY                            Ser                 19             Farm Ser (Indoor)                      Ireland
Edward GAVEN                           Ser                25             Farm Ser (Indoor)                      Ireland

John CARTWRIGHT                    Head              28            Farmer 30 Acres                       Sankey,Lanc
William CARTWRIGHT              Bro                 18                                                                   Speke, Lancashire,
Elizabeth Crosby                            Serv               17                                                                   Speke, Lancashire,
Catherine Crosby                          Serv                15                                                                   Halewood, Lancashire,
Thomas Tatershall                       Serv                50              Farm servant                            Liverpool, Lancashire,

William Atherton                          Head                42                Farmer of 163acres                Maghull, Lancs
Elizabeth Atherton                       Wife                  42                Farmers wife                           Speke, Lancs
Richard Atherton                          Son                   21                Farmers son                             Speke, Lancs
Elizabeth Atherton                       Dau                 17                Farmers dau                             Speke, Lancs
William Atherton                          Son                   15                Farmers son                             Speke, Lancs
Thomas Atherton                          Son                   13                Scholar                                      Speke, Lancs
Margaret Jones                               Serv                  21                House servant                         Wales
Charles Kay                                     Serv                 30                Ag Lab                                       Speke, Lancs
Lancs Martin fleece                      Serv                 28                Ag Lab                                        Ireland
Henry Lovell                                    Serv                22                Ag Lab                                         Ireland
Darby McTeque                              Serv                 23                Ag Lab                                         Ireland
James messey                                  Serv                22                Ag Lab                                         Ireland