Butchers Lane

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1901 census
James Anderton                    Head             42            Teamster on farm            Lancs, Liverpool
Elizabeth Anderton             Wife              43                                                          Lancs, Melling
Alice Anderton                     Dau              15                                                           Lancs, Melling
Samuel Anderton                 Son               13                                                          Lancs, Maghull
John Anderton                      Son                 6                                                           Lancs, Liverpool
Frederick Anderton             Son                 4                                                           Lancs, Maghul
Bessie Clayton                     Vis                  2                                                            Lancs, Liverpool

1891 census


1901 census
Hugh Probin                 Head            42            Carter on farm             Ches, Bickerton
Emma Probin                Wife             44                                                      Salop, Filstock Park
Ernest Probin                Son               19            Carter on farm             Lancs, Speke
Mary E Probin              Dau              11                                                     Lancs, Halewood
Harry Probin                Son                 9                                                      Lancs, Halewood

Albert Atherton                          Head            42            Ag Lab                  Lancs, Warrington
Mary Martha Atherton            Wife              42                                            Lancs, Warrington
Albert Atherton                          Son               17            Ag Lab                  Lancs, Warrington
Joseph Herbert Atherton         Son               14                                            Lancs, Warrington
Frank Atherton                          Son                6              Scholar                 Lancs, Warrington

1881 census
Dwelling: 51 Cottage
Hugh PROBIN                          Head            23             Farm Labourer     Cheshire, England
Emily PROBIN                          Wife             24                                               Shropshire, England


1901 census
William Kaye               Head             58            teamster on farm            Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Kaye            Wife               57                                                        York, Hull
Margaret Pierce           Neice            16                                                        Lancs, Liverpool

William Kaye                Head            49            Ag Lab                            Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Kaye             Wife              46                                                      York, Kingston
Margaret L Pierce        Neice             7                                                       Lancs, Liverpool


Henry Pinnington died October 18th 1902

1901 census
Henry Pinnington                  Head            56            Ag lab                   Lancs, Speke
Margaret Pinnington            Wife              57                                            Lancs, Speke

Henry Pinnington                 Head             46            Ag lab                           Lancs, Speke
Margaret Pinnington            Wife              48            Laundress                   Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Stockton                Neice            16            General  Servant         Lancs, Liverpool

1881 census
Henry PINNINGTON         Head             36             Farmers Son                Speke, Lanc
Margaret PINNINGTON    Wife              39             Laundress                    Speke, Lanc
Margaret BRITCH                Cousin          38            Farmers Wife               Appleton, Ches
Emma Swift                            Vis                 38                                                     Lancs, Bickerstaff
Mary Swift                              Vis                   8                                                     Lancs, Bickerstaff
Margaret Swift                      Vis                 11m                                                 Lancs,West Derby
Leena Westbrook                 Serv                25            General servant          Canar, Llanelly
Sarah A Helsby                   Serv                13            Nurse domestic           Lancs, Garston

Extract from letter from 11/12/1867 from Geo Whitley

Wm. Atherton’s farm

            The buildings are in such a wretched state that during the late heavy rains the water poured in on the backs of the horses one of which has since died. I told him must live in hope till next spring.

Extract from letter 8/12/1869 from Geo Whitley

Wm. Atherton – Blacklock hall farm

Is very unwell and his recovery is doubtful

Extract from letter 20/9/1870 from Geo Whitley

(Note think this refers to Richard Atherton’s parents?)

William Atherton’s farm buildings

This was the first object of my visit as he had asked for a personal inspection of them, you are I know pretty well acquainted with the condition of them and of course they have not improved. The stable is the first consideration and it is really untenantable one horse having been already lamed and being unfit for use, in fact the interior is a wreck, the walls with repairs might stand. I shall therefore recommend that it should be at once attended to leaving the Barn and other buildings which are not much better to remain over until spring. Both Mr. & Mrs. A, I am glad to see appeared very comfortable.

Extract from letter 6/1/1870 from James Sprott

Margaret Ireland’s cottage

            is situate on the right hand of the road leading down to Oglet and nearly opposite to Thomas Langshaw’s, it is a wretched place and you said that when she died it should be pulled down which we all agreed would be most desirable. She paid no rent Mr. Watt having in consideration of her great age (between 80 and 90) consented to let her live rent free for life. She is lately dead & her daughter a widow with 3 daughters and one son wishes to continue as Tenant but as she is a very indifferent character she ought not to be allowed to reside in the Township and I have therefore told Mr. Meredith to inform her that she cannot remain as the cottage is to come down which will avoid any unpleasantness with her & if you think this should be done I will give orders accordingly & let the land be added to Langshaw’s farm.

            William Atherton is better but there seems little hope of Langshaw’s recovery.

Extract from letter 20/10/1870 from Geo Whitley

List of Tenants attending rent day dinner at Speke

1. Richard Atherton                                  21 Charles Key rent £17.18.2
2. Thomas Atherton                                  (James Stockton – Thatcher
3. William Atherton                             X(Thos White-Capt Watts’ tenant
4. F.G. Byron                                      (22 John Seddon – Gardner
5. R. Sutton                                                     (23 Jos. Rigby, rent £10.10.0.
6. John Sutton
7. William Sutton
8. James Cartwright                              X have always
9. John Cartwright                                              attended
10. William Pinnington
11. Jos. Boyes
12. Rob. Edwards                                              24. Joseph Meredith
13. Wm. Mawdsley
14. Edw. Holins                                         The Clergyman
15. William Charlton                                     Occasionally The Doctor
16. Thos. Langshaw                                   Occasionally. any
17. Thos. Langshaw Jnr.                                        other party connected
18. Ralph Leigh                                           with the estate
19. John Barrow     )
20. William Crosby)            Blacksmith & Wheelwright, have always attended

Extract from letter 6/9/1871 from Geo Whitley

Wm. Atherton’s stable

            I have not yet seem Hill

Extract from letter from 13/7/1872 from Geo Whitley

Blacklock Hall Farm – John Cartwright’s

            By book post I send plans, specifications and estimates and it is a little singular how near each other the latter are, it is quite clear it is to be a £600 job.

Extract from letter from 5/5/1873 from Geo Whitley

Well at James Cartwright’s

            I am sorry to say that on Saturday morning this well, which is about 12 yards deep, fell in from the sides and is now what we call in

Lancashire half full of slutch and is most probably, in the judgement of Ball and a regular well sinker who I have desired to give a report, utterly destroyed and they say it will be cheaper to sink a new one which probably might cost about £30, this will of course stand over until you have seen the place yourself.

Extract from letter from 12/6/1873 from Geo Whitley

            I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letters of the 2nd and 9th inst. to which you should have had earlier answers but I wished to give  particulars of the rent day, all the rents were punctually paid with the exception of James Cartwright’s and my endeavours to make a satisfactory arrangement with him has caused a further delay. The fact is now that he is not prepared to pay the money (about £233) although he has plenty of security both on his farm and elsewhere. I had a long interview with him last night and he has brought me certain documents to peruse in verification of his statement. I am quite satisfied on this point though it might be some time before the amount due on his security could be realized. I told him in plain terms that his proposition could not be accepted as it entirely disarranged the affairs of the Estate the balance of the rents being by Mr. Watt’s will directed to be invested in the funds as soon as practicable and therefore his offer of a deferred payment could not be complied with. I have however given him another week for consideration. He assures me he last year lost £700 from his farming operations.

Cartwright’s Well

            This matter is of so much importance that I sent down Mr. Shelmerdine to see that the situation for the new well was perfectly satisfactory as fixed upon by the Well sinker, this I am sorry to say he does not approve of as it will be nearer to the building of the old stable &c than the old one was to the house and could not be worked in the space of five yards, he thinks the site will be better as shewn in the enclosed rough sketch adjoining the carriage road to the front of the house from whence the water could be easily forced into the house. Cartwright says it would be unsightly but this could be of little consequence as it could be easily plainted? off. It is quite clear it will be a costly job and on a rough guess it will not be less than £70 or £100. 20/- p. yard sinking & 9/- p. yard ringing & if I recollect right 8 or £10 for drums &c.Iron hurdles in the Holly fence in the road down to the Hall

            The last time I was there I made a particular examination with the gardener & there are numbers of places where the hedge is not only weak, but hollow at the bottom where boys could easily creep through and steal the flowers, and he recommends that the hurdles should not be removed for 2 or 3 years, you must also recollect that part of the road adjoins a public footpath.

Extract from letter from 16/8/1873 from Geo Whitley

The well at James Cartwrights is sunk 18ft

Extract from letter from 23/8/1873 from J Bubb

James Cartwrights well is sunk 30ft there as been 2 men & a boy working it but they have done nothing there to day I should like to know what they have undertaken to do & what depth they have estimated to go they are in clay now and have been for the last 16ft

Extract from letter from 22/9/1873 from J Bubb

                        The well at James Cartwrights as not been touched since they emptied the water out the day before you was here this makes three weeks it as been at a standstill & there is 20ft of water accumilated in it again James Cartwright saw Ball in Woolton this morning & he told him JC they were negotiating with another man to do it as the man which had sunk it refused to have any more to do with it this needles delay is a great inconvenience to the Tenant

Extract from letter from 27/9/1873 from J Bubb

                                    James Cartwrights Well is nearly full of water Peters & Ball have not touched it for a month I intend walking to Woolton this evening to see them & ask them what they intend to do about it

Extract from letter from 27/9/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            When I saw this last week the works were at a standstill and Cartwright said he thought the Contractor (or rather sub contractor under Ball) had become frightened at the job and ran away from it as he feared when the water was all drawn out that the brickwork would not stand. I desired him however to see that no further delay should take place and I wrote to Ball to send me a report in writing which I have not yet got.

Extract from letter from 4/10/1873 from J Bubb

                                              Nothing as been done to James Cartwrights Well yet the water is within 5ft of the top they have never been to look at even My opinion is they will be able to do no good with this now it has been let stand so long & their cheapest plan will be to fill this up & start one some were else I went to Ball yesterday and he treated me very off handed saying He was reporting to Mr. Wheatley I also asked him about the stove at the Keepers (which is not done yet) He said some men were coming to work at Thomas Athertons & they should do it it is 11 weeks since this order was given with respect to James Cartwrights well do you not think a letter from you asking for a reply to know if they intend proceeding with the work forthwith or you shall employ some one else for it is A very great inconvenience to the tenant they have every drop of water to cart from the pits & what they drink of this as to be filtered


Extract from letter from 20/10/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            I have several times written to Ball to know why the work was not proceeded with and a few mornings since had an interview with him on the Rway bridge but my time was so limited that I could not enter into particulars, the fact is the sub contractor has run away from the job & left Ball to take the consequences but he promised faithfully that he will immediately ascertain the state of the Well and report to me & he is now at work.

Extract from letter from 3/11/1873 from J Bubb

                         I cannot get hold of Peters & Ball when I have known they are in the Village I have tried on several occasions to find them but they dodge me & keep out of my way They have done nothing since to the well at J Cartwrights & the water is now within 5ft of the top

Extract from letter from 6/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            I am quite out of patience about this having used every pressure in my power but will give Ball another chance of either proceeding with it immediately or abandoning the job & taking the consequences.

Extract from letter from 10/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            Is a most provoking subject. I have urged Ball to give a report what is to be done but I have not got it from him but will once more see if I can do so.

Extract from letter from 10/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            Is a most provoking subject. I have urged Ball to give a report what is to be done but I have not got it from him but will once more see if I can do so.

Extract from letter from 14/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            I have received from Peters & Ball a tardy explanation of the delay which has taken place, of which I enclose a copy and shall be glad of your advice what course to pursue, if fresh arrangements are to be made stringent conditions must be entered into.

                                                  Woolton 13th Nov. 1873


Speke Estate

            We are very sorry we could not reply sooner as to the state of James Cartwright’s well as we have been very much taken in with the Well Sinker for he has run away from the job altogether, but we have had 2 competent men at the work since putting the work all right as far as it is gone, but they have been fast at another well, and could not attend to this, but we have got advice from another Well Sinker since & their advice is not to sink any lower, but to bore, they will undertake to find a sufficient supply of water with boring sufficient to supply all the Farm houses in Speke. They are ready to commence to bore in about two days notice.

                                                                        Waiting your reply

                                                            Your obedient Servants

                                                                        Peters & Ball

Extract from letter from 16/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            I had a long explanatory interview with Ball on Saturday last and he said he was more sinned against than sinning as the party whom he had employed had run away from the job, be it as it may our plan now is to save ourselves in the best way we can. Ball has now two men who he considers perfectly competent and whom he will guarantee to finish the work in a proper manner, either by completing the present well by boring or sinking afresh in another site. I enclose a very rough sketch of operations from his conversation which I hope will be intelligible enough to guide you in your decision, when I will have a proper plan and contract made out, and send it for your approbation.

Extract from letter from 2/3/1874 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            I send herewith Peters and Ball’s estimate for this and they wish for an early determination as the well sinker is leaving home shortly. They expect to come upon rock at the depth of about 25 or 26 yards when they say they have no doubt they shall tap the spring and I hope they will not be disappointed.

            This estimate does not of course include a Pump. There will be 6 curbs at 17/- each.

Extract from letter from 9/5/1874 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

            As Mr. Bubb’s report is satisfactory, I think I had better order the Pump from Wainwright as there has been so much delay and it is clear that the old fashion of a rope and bucket would not be acceptable at so large a Farm.

Extract from letter from 1/7/1874 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Well

is on the eve of completion, Wainwright was putting up the pumps yesterday.