Dam House Farm

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1901 census
Robert Fryer                Head             61                    Teamster on farm            Ches, Crowton
Mary Fryer                  Wife               59                                                                 Ches, Antrobus
Martha Fryer              Dau               24                                                                  Ches, Grappenhall
Robert A Fryer            Son               19                    Plumbers apprentice       Ches, Grappenhall
Albert Fryer                 Son               17                    Reporter (local)                 Ches, Grappenhall

Robert Fryer                Head             51                    Ag Lab                      Ches, Weaverham
Mary Fryer                  Wife               49                                                        Ches, Antrobus
Emily Fryer                 Dau               23                                                        Ches, Grappenhall
Frank Fryer                 Son               17                    Ag Lab                       Ches, Grappenhall
Martha Fryer              Dau              14                    Scholar                      Ches, Grappenhall
John Fryer                    Son              12                    Scholar                      Ches, Grappenhall
Robert Fryer                Son               9                      Scholar                      Ches, Grappenhall
Albert Fryer                 Son              7                      Scholar                       Ches, Grappenhall