Dam Wood Farm

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1881 census
Dwelling:Farm House
William SUTTON            Head            45             Farmer Of 36 Acres                  Speke, Lancashire,
Margaret SUTTON          Wife             37              Farmers Wife                             Latham, Lancs
John SUTTON                   Son              14              Farmers Son                               Speke, Lancashire,
Margaret SUTTON         Daur            11              Scholar                                         Speke, Lancashire,      
Thomas HEYES               Serv             24              Farm Servant (Indoors)            Halewood, Lancs
Jane ALLEN                     S In L           30                                                                      Speke, Lancs

John SUTTON              Head          58              Farmers of 36 acres    Maghull, Lancs
Ann SUTTON              Wife            54              Farmers wife               Halewood, Lancs
William SUTTON       Son             25             Farmers son                 Speke, Lancs
Robert SUTTON          Son              23             Farmers son                Speke, Lancs
Catherine SUTTON    Dau             22             Farmers dau                Speke, Lancs
Annie SUTTON          Daur            21             Farmers dau                Speke, Lancs  
Ellen SUTTON            Daur            18             Farmers dau                Speke, Lancs  
Charles SUTTON        Son             13             Farmers son                Speke, Lancs
Alice SUTTON            Daur           11              Scholar                         Speke, Lancs  
Annie SUTTON          GDaur          5              Scholar                         Speke, Lancs

John SUTTON            Head            47             Farmers of 36 acres   Halsall, Lancs
Ann SUTTON             Wife             43             Farmers wife               Halsall, Lancs
James Sutton                Son              21             Farmers son                Halsall, Lancs
Mary Sutton                 Dau             18             Farmers dau                Childwall, Lancs
John Sutton                  Son              17            Farmers son                 Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Sutton            Son             16            Farmers son                 Childwall, Lancs
William SUTTON       Son             15            Farmers son                Childwall, Lancs
Robert SUTTON          Son             13             Farmers son                 Childwall, Lancs
Catherine SUTTON   Dau            12             Farmers dau                Childwall, Lancs
Ann SUTTON             Daur           11              Farmers dau                Childwall, Lancs         
Ellen SUTTON            Daur            8               Farmers dau                Childwall, Lancs         
Charles SUTTON        Son             3               Farmers son                  Childwall, Lancs
Alice SUTTON            Daur           1               Farmers son                  Childwall, Lancs         

John Sutton                  47             Farmer      Lancs
Ann Sutton                   30                                Lancs
James Sutton                11                                Lancs
Mary Sutton                 9                                  Lancs
John Sutton                  7                                  Lancs
Thomas Sutton            6                                  Lancs
William Sutton            5                                  Lancs
Robert Sutton               4                                  Lancs
Catherine Sutton         2                                  Lancs
Ann Sutton                   1                                  Lancs  
Margaret Blundell      20            F S              Lancs

William Sutton named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Extract from letter from 14/8/1873 from J Bubb

I enclose estimate from Holt for spouting at W Suttons it is very extravagant I would advise W Hill be employed on his original estimate if you let me give him the order to do the work I may be able to get it done a few shillings less or make a compromise with him to fix the old wood spout at end of shed inclusive (It would be a great convenience for watering the horses) If you send the order to him yourself please let me know for when he came to look at it we decided to carry the water the reverse way viz. to the West instead of East end of house but I think the way described in yours of the 5th inst is the better plan & it will be less trouble for the plumber.

I have called on Mr. Whitley about these things but he says I had better send all the particulars to you

I have avoided Balls15/- for taking off old cement by getting Sutton to let one of his men do it & his charge as you say was most ridiculous for it took one of Suttons labourers 7 hours to knock it all off & clean it out ready.

Extract from letter from 22/9/1873 from J Bubb

The spouting at W Suttons is done the iron spout is carried round the east end of House & the old Wood spouting I had cut in two on part is fixed over the kitchen door at back in place of a piece which was very rotten the other part along front of cart shed & the old wood spout fixed at stable door