George Whitley's House

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Extract from letter 13/12/1870 from Geo Whitley

Charlton’s farm

I hear from him this morning that the Railway Co: have in pursuance’s of the notice which I gave them commenced repairing the fence wall adjoining his farm as his land was gradually giving way in several places and would probably have fallen on the lines, their will also apply to Holine’s farm and my house.

Extract from letter 19/8/1870 from Geo Whitley

My own house

            I intend going over to Speke on Monday & hope to make arrangements for an early entry. I have been greatly delayed by circumstances over which I had no control.

You have not christened it – it must I think originally have formed part of Charlton’s holding called Woodend farm

  I am, Dear Sir,
Yrs faithfully,
   Geo. Whitley.