Greyhound Farm

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Thomas T Critchley            Speke Church Road

1901 census
William Cartwright            Head          32            Farmer                         Lancs, Liverpool
Emma Cartwright               Wife            33                                                   Lancs, Great Sankey
Alice Cartwright                 Dau             3m                                                  Lancs, Speke
Mary Massey                        Serv             23            Housemaid                Lancs, Warrington
May Hewitt                           Serv            13             General servant        Ches, Statham
(shanty on farm)
Edward Higgins                  Serv            25            Ag lab                          Ireland
Thomas Murray                  Serv            16            Ag Lab                         Ireland

William Cartwright            Head            51            Farmer                          Lancs, Roby Huyton
Ellen Cartwright                  Wife            42                                                    Lancs, Aintree
William A Cartwright        Dau             21            Farmers son                 Lancs, Liverpool

1881 census
William CARTWRIGHT    Head            41            Farmer                                   Robyin Parish Huyton
Ellen CARTWRIGHT          Wife            33             Farmers Wife                       Aintree In Parish Sephton
Harriet BARROW                 Serv            14             General Serv Domestic      Sutton

Greyhound Inn
Elizabeth Thomas                    Head            51             Publican            Maghull, Lancs
Catherine E L Thomas            Dau               23                                          Speke, Lancs
Charles James Thomas           Son              13                                           Speke, Lancs
Sophia Peterson                       Serv               20                                           Liverpool, Lancs
John Wakefield                         Serv              52            Labourer              Speke, Lancs

Charles Thomas                           Head            52            Farmer 17 acres/innkeeper Market Weighton, York
Elizabeth Thomas                        Wife             41                                                                   Maghull, Lancs
Catherine Elenore Thomas        Dau             12             Scholar                                        Childwall, Lancs
Charles Thomas                            Son                5             Scholar                                        Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Thomas                        Dau               4              Scholar                                        Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Carl                               Serv              21             House servant                           Dublin, Ireland
Sarah Wyke                                    Serv             20             House servant                           Childwall, lancs
Thomas Tattersall                        Serv              32            Farm servant                               Liverpool, lancs

Charles Thomas                            36            Inn keeper           No
Elizabeth Thomas                        32                                            Lancs
Catherine Elenore Thomas          3                                            Lancs
James Howard                              30             M S                         Lancs
John Wakefield                             35             M S                        Lancs
Isabella Mason                              15            F S                           Lancs
Mary Rethuell                               15                                             Lancs
Thomas Johnson                          45            Attorney clerk     No

Extract from letter from 11/12/1867 from Geo Whitley

The Greyhound

            Cartwright is very urgent again for a supply of water for the house which is really essential as he is entirely without it. The expense of a tank and spouting taking Home’s farm as a guide will be about from £25 to £30. on returning home past the end of the lane leading to the Greyhound the public highway, I saw, was much flooded & impassable for foot passengers who were compelled to make a road through a gap in one of the hedges & I expect we shall have an admonition from the Highway Board.

Extract from letter from 8/6/1868 from Geo Whitley

                                                                         The Greyhound

Laurie’s estimate for the proposed cistern, spouting & pump is £61 which we have accepted and the work will be immediately proceeded with, his estimate for the drain, piping &c is £100, but this will have to be delayed for the present as one of the fields, through which the drain will pass, is set with potatoes.

Extract from letter 2/8/1869 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright – New boskins and farm stables – Building near the house to have new stairs and sleeping room over – new stable door and window repairs & new ones where required, - inside stable wall to be taken down and a new principal inserted – provide -?- pins and strip off and reslate on stable and shippen – alterations to middenstead and brick wall enclosing same

Extract from letter 24/12/1869 from Geo Whitley

The Greyhound

John Cartwright has just called upon me and states that his cellar during the floods of Friday and Saturday last was in a worse condition than ever he saw it & the road opposite his house was impassable for foot passengers, he has carted all his tiles.

Extract from letter 6/1/1870 from James Sprot 

John Cartwright (Greyhound)

has now carted all the tiles for use on his newly acquired land and wishes the work to be immediately proceeded with & requested me to give the orders.

            I demurred to this, saying that the work would have to be performed by himself, Mr. Watt’s executors paying for the tiles according to custom – he rejoined – Mr. Sprott told me when I took the land “If you will cart the tiles I will drain the land for you” – understanding that he would only be called upon to do the cartage. Will you therefore be good enough to give me your version?

Extract from letter 17/1/1870 from James Sprott

Cartwright (Greyhound)

He called on me on Saturday last and I explained to him his error in having supposed that you could possibly have promised to do the entire draining for him as it was contrary to the custom of the Township of Speke as well as all other Townships in the neighbourhood. He admitted that he must have misapprehended you as the proposed drain will be an expensive one (not less than £50 as a whole) and he cannot afford the cost. Mr. Shelmerdine says, speaking from recollection only, that the field rises in the middle where the cutting would be 6 or 7ft deep and one half would have to be drained to the North and the other half to the South and that proper levels ought to be taken before the commencement of the work. I enclose a rough sketch of the field which you will probably understand there are 11,000 tiles carted on the land.

Extract from letter22/1/1870 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s drainage

I have this morning had an interview with him & Mr. Shelmerdine and it is quite clear to me that this field must be judiciously drained & it will therefore be necessary to have proper levels taken. Cartwright says he cannot afford to be at the sole cost but would be willing to pay a percentage if the work was undertaken by the Landlord – say 5 p.c. on the outlay. This is very commonly done and is the practice at Knowsley (Lord Derby’s) and has a two fold advantage – first you have a guarantee that the work is efficiently performed and second the Tenant has when

he quits no claim for unexhausted improvement. There are now lying on the land                             6900 of 3in Tiles

They are all from Hale but I have directed that no more shall be ordered from thence as they are of a decidedly inferior quality
If you decide upon draining at the cost of the estate you shall have an estimate of the expense.

Extract from letter 5/2/1870 from Geo Whitley

            On Thursday next there is a ploughing match on a field of John Sutton’s in Speke at which they tell me your company would be very acceptable and also at the dinner to follow. I only heard of it this morning & therefore if I had wished could not have held my consent, if I had known earlier I could have asked whether you would have objected to it. John Cartwright’s wife is dying and they have fixed to have the entertainment in the Wheelwright’s barn.

Extract from letter 14/5/1870 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Cartwright is still dangerously ill,

Extract from letter 20/9/1870 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s stables

            I much fear these repairs cannot be put off much longer, it is rather late in the year to begin but as it must be a contract job and interior work it will not be of so much consequence.


Extract from letter 10/10/1870 from Geo Whitley

            Meredith spoke to me about the rent day dinner & I went through the list of Tenants generally attending, a copy of which, with observations thereon, I enclose. Cartwright explains that he is obliged to provide dinner for a certain number & when several do not come he is left with a quantity of provisions on hand and not being an Hotel keeper in Town but simply a Publican in the country he is unable to dispose of them and consequently 7s/6d a head does not pay him. Mr. Watt (Grandfather) only allowed £5 each half year which was considered a very inadequate allowance.

Extract from letter 3/6/1871 from Geo Whitley

The Greyhound

            Cartwright complains loudly that the state of his cellar which we all know is in a disgraceful state but none of us can find out a remedy.

Extract from letter 30/12/1871 from Geo Whitley

Wm. Atherton’s farm

            The arrangement with John Cartwright has been carried out and Wm. Atherton had a sale on Thursday last which passed off very well. The new tenant of the “Greyhound” will enter directly.

Extract from letter from 28/2/1872 from Geo Whitley

The Greyhound

            On the 12 September 1868 a new Tank was built for Cartwright which would supply the house with a very liberal supply of water at a cost of

                                    Tank                                        61.0.0.
                         Extras for pump &c              17.1.3
£ 78.1.3

            The work was done by contract with Robert Lawrie who afterwards became a Bankrupt. The present Tenant of the house has just informed me that he has not for some days had a drop of water in the Tank and is obliged to cart the entire supply from a well in the neighbourhood. I have therefore procured Peter’s & Ball’s estimate for the necessary repairs which I enclose & shall be glad of your directions thereon. It is really very mortifying.

Extract from letter from 16/3/1872 from Geo Whitley

Cartwright’s Tank at the Greyhound

            I wrote as you suggested to Lawrie for information but not having received any reply suppose he must have left this part of the country, as it is rather an important work I fear patching would not be advisable.

Extract from letter from 31/7/1872 from Geo Whitley

John Cartwright’s buildings

            John Lunt’s estimate was                                                   571.15.0
         which included £28.10.0. for
        stripping the old barn Stable & Shippon
        less now deducting for cart shed  98.10.0.
        and for calf crib and cote                 64.10.0.                       163. 0. 0.
       Present estimate                                                                       408.15.0.

            The estimate of Peter’s & Ball being higher I have no occasion to trouble you about it

Extract from letter from 28/9/1872 from Geo Whitley

John Cartwright’s farm

            I saw the buildings on Sunday last which seemed to be fairly progressing but the whole of this week, having been so stormy has interrupted the slating of the barn &c.

Speke rents Copy Memorial from the Tenants

Received 16 Sept. 1872. G.W.

To James Sprot & George Whitley Esqrs.


            We the undersigned tenants of the Speke estate which you so honourably represent as Trustees of the late Richd. Watt Esq.  Prayeth  That owing to almost the entire loss of the potato crop, damage to the hay & corn crop, the enormous extra charge for labour partly through strikes & the unfavourable weather, increase in the price of all commodities we require whether implements or manures, the low price of agricultural produce, your Memorialists find it quite impossible to pay the present rents.             It has always been our wish to pay the estate (you represent) what we promised, but under the present circumstances your Memorialists request you to make an allowance which you kindly promised in May last*

                                                            We are, Gentlemen
                                                        Your obedient Servants
Richd. Atherton                      William Chorlton                  Thos. Langshaw
Thos. Atherton                        W. Cartwright               
Wm. Mawdsley
Fred Geo. Byron           
        R. Edwards
Joseph Boyes            
             Ed. Holmes                                John Sutton
Jas. Cartwright              
       A & S Jenkinson                       William Pennington
John Cartwright                  R. Leigh                          
            William Sutton

            * I must say I do not recollect such a promise having been made.


                                                                        16 Nov 1872

Extract from letter from 8/3/1873 from Geo Whitley

Buildings at the back of the Greyhound

            The work has not been badly done but the upper course of bricks having been mixed, old and new, makes an eye sore.

Extract from letter from 12/6/1873 from Geo Whitley

John Cartwright

            I am surprised as to his application for the erection of a cattle shed as I do not think he has any cattle on his farm which is not large enough for the commencement of breeding.

Extract from letter from 1/7/1874 from Geo Whitley

The Greyhound

            Have you decided to give Cartwright notice to quit? as it is time it should be served.

Extract from letter from 22/7/1874 from Geo Whitley

The Greyhound

            You did not answer my enquiry whether Cartwright was to have notice to quit and the time to serve it is now at hand. It probably would take us no harm under the recent regulations for the present.