Holine's Farm

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Extract from letter 20/10/1870 from Geo Whitley

List of Tenants attending rent day dinner at Speke

1. Richard Atherton                            21 Charles Key rent £17.18.2
2. Thomas Atherton                            (James Stockton – Thatcher
3. William Atherton                        X(Thos White-Capt Watts’ tenant
4. F.G. Byron                                      (22 John Seddon – Gardner
5. R. Sutton                                                     (23 Jos. Rigby, rent £10.10.0.
6. John Sutton
7. William Sutton
8. James Cartwright                           X have always
9. John Cartwright                                             attended
10. William Pinnington
11. Jos. Boyes
12. Rob. Edwards                                            24. Joseph Meredith
13. Wm. Mawdsley
14. Edw. Holins                                                  The Clergyman
15. William Charlton                             Occasionally The Doctor
16. Thos. Langshaw                               Occasionally. any
17. Thos. Langshaw Jnr.                                     other party connected
18. Ralph Leigh                                                   with the estate
19. John Barrow     )
20. William Crosby)                Blackmith & Wheelwright, have always attended

Extract from letter 13/12/1870 from Geo Whitley

Charlton’s farm

I hear from him this morning that the Railway Co: have in pursuance’s of the notice which I gave them commenced repairing the fence wall adjoining his farm as his land was gradually giving way in several places and would probably have fallen on the lines, their will also apply to Holine’s farm and my house.