Holme's Cottage

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Extract from letter 25/9/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lancashire Election

            I spent last Monday at Speke and saw all the tenants who have votes and they were all desirous and prepared to support the Conservative candidate with the exception of Mr. Byron, Mr. Leigh & Mr. Holme, the two former did not make any promise but I have no hope they will vote for us, the latter acted very properly for being a Catholic he had been hard pressed on the other side & could not have been expected to fight against them, he however said he would not vote at all which is a point gained. His house is still very damp even in the bedrooms but they are progressing with the drain which it is hoped will cure the defect.

Extract from letter from 31/8/1869 from Geo Whitley

Cottage by the Station

            I did not answer your enquiry as to this in your letter of the 12th instant as I thought I might again have the opportunity of hearing Mr. Fs sentiments. This occurred a few days since & he observed that both Mr. Watt (Grandfather) and Mr. Watt (Grandson) had desired to have possession of the cottage but when he had explained to them that their Gardener had been so old a Tenant they each declined to turn him out, this appeared tho I might be mistaken a broad hint that it would now be rather an ungracious for a stranger to do so

Extract from letter from 23/11/1870 from Geo Whitley

Cottage by the station

            This is also progressing fairly but there is yet much to be done

Extract from letter from 27/3/1871 from Geo Whitley

                                                                    Cottage at Railway

            I was over at Speke last Monday & Meredith (who I am glad to say seems all right again) met me there, the house as far as the Contractor is concerned is at length finished but will require a short time longer to dry out, the exterior is rough enough but is progressing. By book post I send for your approval plans & estimate for front and back gates adjoining the road but the latter seems so large a sum that it rather astonished me and will thank you for any suggestion for reducing the amount.

Extract from letter from 6/7/1871 from Geo Whitley

Edward Holme

wants a manure tank as all the liquid produced from his Cows runs to waste and would be invaluable for his land and I have ordered an estimate to be made which shall be sent to you.

Extract from letter from 31/1/1872 from Geo Whitley

Holmes Farm

            The bed room is still so damp as to be uninhabitable and the only remedy suggested is to build a chimney and put in a grate an estimate for which by Peters and Ball (10.15.0) I enclose.