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George Harland                        Cowmam


Richard Pearson                        Cowman


William McIndoe            Speke Hall
married Mary Mardsley Peacop 26 September 1934, children Roger McIndoe and Ian McIndoe

1881 Census
Richard SUTTON                     Head            48             Farmer Of 121 Acres       Speke, Lanc
Annie SUTTON                         Daur            25             F                                            Speke, Lancs
Thomas TUOKY                        Serv              27             Ag Labourer                      Ireland
Michel CORLEY                        Serv             19             Ag Labourer                       Ireland

Richard Sutton                           Head            39            Farm bailiff 152acres              Lancs, Speke
Annie Sutton                               Daur            15                                                                  Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Pinnington                Serv             24            Housekeeper                             Lancs, Speke

John Sutton                                  Head            37            Farmer of 41 Acres                  Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Sutton                        Wife              27                                                                  Lancaster
Richard Sutton                           Son               29                                                                  Lancs, Speke
Margaret Leadbetter                Serv               17            House Servant                          Lancs, Speke
George Learsman                     Serv               18            Farm Servant                             Lancs, Speke
Joseph Crosby                           Neph            12            Scholar                                         Westmor, Holme
Henry Crosby                           Neph               8            Scholar                                         Westmor, Holme

Richard Sutton named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Extract from letter from 29/3/1867 from Geo Whitley

The Farm

            Sutton assures me that all is progressing properly.

Extract from letter from 11/12/1867 from Geo Whitley

                                                                            The Farm

            I enclose a copy of Meredith’s account shewing a very favourable balance to the credit of the estate with a good stock of produce in hand.
        Shall I remit to your London Bankers the amount due to yourself as usual
            On the receipt of the Dividends from the Funds we must make a further investment

Farm A/c

Amount received                                                           £1106. 4. 
Amount paid                                                     
601. 5. 
                                                                                          504.19. 0¼
Stack Cover                                                                     
6.18. 3
Moving machine                                                                  26.15 0  
                                                                                            539.12. 3¼
to ½ years rent                                                                    157.10. 0.  
                                               Profit                              £382. 2. 3¼  

Produce in hand – Value about £600

Extract from letter from 20/12/1867 from Geo Whitley

Meredith informed me a few days since that Sutton thought highly of the mare which you sent down here, only fault being shy at the sight of Railway carriages, but this with care may easily be overcome. Had not Meredith better remit the price?

Extract from letter from 19/8/1868 from Geo Whitley

Home’s farm

            I send herewith a tender for the repairs, it is a large sum but the expense cannot be avoided. I blame Peter’s & Ball for not having, when they were making the alterations stated that the lower part of the walls were very damp which they surely must have known to be the case.

Extract from letter from 8/12/1869 from Geo Whitley

Home Farm – Cart Shed

By book post I send plan estimate etc for your approval. As Mr. Hill of Woolton had been employed on the works at the Hall we thought we might as well give him the job.

Extract from letter from 7/8/1867 from Geo Whitley

            The crops at Speke are very flourishing & Sutton tells me he has sold his potatoes well. The hay harvest was a very good one

Extract from letter from 2/8/1869 from Geo Whitley

Farm – shed for loaded carts

Extract from letter 5/2/1870 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Sutton died peacefully on Thursday last.

Extract from letter 30/1/1871 from Geo Whitley

Home Farm, Speke.

            I have had several interviews with James Cartwright who would take the additional land pointed out to him provided an old loose box was converted into a 4 stall stable*, 2 new cottages built for his teamsmen, and a new road made for him [* at an expense of £30], this I told him had already been declined but he wished me again to mention the subject to you as Mr. Leyland had called on him & was desirous that this arrangement should be made, I feel sure you will not agree to this & therefore shall, with your approbation, request Mr. Fair to value the farm and offer it to Mr. Leyland at the sum he fixes.

Extract from letter 30/1/1871 from Geo Whitley

James Cartwright’s Stable

            The estimate for the repairs by Lunt (£140) has, as you are aware, been accepted but on clearing the lofts over it of the hay and rubbish the floor has been found to be in such a dilapidated state in must be renewed, & the following is a copy of the estimate:-

                        “Garston, January 30 1871                      
The cost of boarding the remaining portion of hay loft floor (not specified in the first contract) at Mr. James Cartwrights’ Speke will be £7.10.0. Tho: Lunt.”

I suppose this must be accepted

Extract from letter 15/3/1871 from Geo Whitley


Home Farm


            I have been quite unable to make any arrangement with James Cartwright and as I suppose you do not wish to keep on the Farm for another year there is no alternative but to press the acceptance of it on Mr. Leyland.


Extract from letter 6/7/1871 from Geo Whitley

Home farm

            I found it quite impossible to carry out this understanding and as Meredith assured me it was taking no harm I consented to let it stand over until next year.

Extract from letter 6/9/1871 from Geo Whitley

Home farm

            Mr. Fair’s visit has been arranged to take place as early as possible as the harvest is over.

Extract from letter from 21/9/1871 from Geo Whitley

Home farm

            I have not yet received Mr. Fair’s Valuation but expect it immediately when I will communicate with you.

Extract from letter from 2/10/1871 from Geo Whitley

Home farm

            I send you a copy of Mr. Fair’s Valuation which is now before Mr. Leyland for consideration and you shall have his determination as soon as I receive it.

Extract from letter from 4/10/1871 from Geo Whitley


            Richd. Sutton called on me this morning and gave me a rather better account of his potatoe crop than that of his neighbours, he has 2 acres of “White Kemps” which you will recollect we saw a specimen of when you were down here which he think will prove good. The “Scotch Downs” are quite a failure throughout the country.

We have had incessant rains but today is very fine.

Extract from letter from 25/11/1871 from Geo Whitley

Sale at Home farm

            I have this morning agreed with Mr. Halsall, a first rate country Auctioneer, for a sale on the 14th December next, the barley is not yet thrashed but have given directions that there shall be no delay on this account.

Extract from letter from 9/12/1871 from Geo Whitley

Sale at Home farm

            I was obliged to postpone this as Meredith had sold the Barley which not being thrashed we could not ascertain the quantity of straw to be disposed of, it (the sale) is now however advertized for the 21st instant.

Estate accounts

            These not being yet audited I cannot send the Bills for your approbation until the beginning of next week

Extract from letter 16/12/1871from Geo Whitley

The Farm

            I will attend to your directions as to the straw &c

Richd. Sutton

            Will feel greatly obliged if you can accommodate him with the sum you have promised him or a part of it as he wishes to make some purchases at the sale.

            I have only just heard there is an old cart horse in the catalogue a faithful servant 25 years of age. Don’t you think we should give him a rest?

Extract from letter 21/12/1871 from Geo Whitley

            I have received your letter of the 20th inst. enclosing cheque on Barnett’s Hoare’s & Co. for £400, amount of your advance to Richard Sutton and he will take the proposed security as desired.

Speke sale to day.

            I have sent over to Speke and desired Sutton to attend to your directions as to the old horse which I think are very judicious.

            I shall be from home for the first four days next week and on my return will apprize you of the sale &c

Extract from letter 30/12/1871 from Geo Whitley

Your advance to Richd. Sutton

            I enclose his Promissory note to you for £400. On consideration I thought it better to make the whole sum payable on demand instead of by instalments as in case of any thing going wrong you would be in a position to sue at once instead of waiting for the fixed periods when it might be too late. The money may nevertheless be paid as understood.

Sale at Speke

            The Auctioneer called on me this morning and said it was a fair average one and the gross amount was £1,089.7.0. he paid me £500 on a/c and the details will be furnished very shortly. I enclose his statement of the prices of all the horses which he says sold well.


1                      Bay Mare                            £50.0.0
2                      Grey Mare                            £52.0.0
3                      Grey Horse                           £51.0.0
4                      Grey Horse                           £49.0.0
5                      Bay Horse                           £28.0.0
6          X            Old Grey Horse                  £  9.0.0
7                      Old Brown Horse               £10.0.0

Extract from letter from 31/1/1872 from Geo Whitley

Home Farm sale

            I send a marked catalogue which you have no occasion to return

Extract from letter from 18/4/1872 from Geo Whitley

Dear Sir,

            As desired I send you below particulars as originally agreed upon for the take of The Home Farm.             Richard Sutton            £320.0.0

                                                                        & 2 Cottages

                                                                        £4 each                       8.  0.0
                                                                                                      £328.  0.0
                                                                        Mr. Byron               69.12.0
            2s 3d taken off                                  Mr. Leyland            50.  0.0      
                                                                                                                    per annm

Extract from letter from 26/6/1872 from Geo Whitley

            Mr. Sutton has brought (as I first anticipated he would) £50 on a/c of the principal you advanced him & £8 for half years int. on £400 (less 3/- prop tax) making a total of £57.17.0. which sum I now enclose in a Draft for Messrs Heywood & Co & I will thank you to acknowledge its receipt to me.

Speke rents Copy Memorial from the Tenants

Received 16 Sept. 1872. G.W.

To James Sprot & George Whitley Esqrs.


            We the undersigned tenants of the Speke estate which you so honourably represent as Trustees of the late Richd. Watt Esq.  Prayeth  That owing to almost the entire loss of the potato crop, damage to the hay & corn crop, the enormous extra charge for labour partly through strikes & the unfavourable weather, increase in the price of all commodities we require whether implements or manures, the low price of agricultural produce, your Memorialists find it quite impossible to pay the present rents.             It has always been our wish to pay the estate (you represent) what we promised, but under the present circumstances your Memorialists request you to make an allowance which you kindly promised in May last*

                                                            We are, Gentlemen
                                                                  Your obedient Servants

Richd. Atherton                      William Chorlton                  Thos. Langshaw
Thos. Atherton                        W. Cartwright                      
Wm. Mawdsley
Fred Geo. Byron              
      R. Edwards
Joseph Boyes              
            Ed. Holmes                               John Sutton
Jas. Cartwright                 
     A & S Jenkinson                      William Pennington
John Cartwright                 
  R. Leigh                                     William Sutton

            * I must say I do not recollect such a promise having been made.


                                                                        16 Nov 1872

Extract from letter from 1/4/1873 from Geo Whitley

The Smithy

            It is essential that the floor must be renewed as the stones are worn into holes and it is dangerous for the horses standing on them, they were old ones when put down

Extract from letter from 4/8/1873 from J Bubb

John Sutton

Has been here this afternoon complaining that is stable manger had fallen down. I told that He should have called your attention to it on Thursday when you was there

John Suttons tank contains 14 sqre yds if Ball will not do it with Portland Cement for 3/- per yd I can get a good man from Liverpool to do it at the price

Extract from letter from 7/8/1873 from J Bubb

            I have seen John Suttons mangers they certainly want doing two pounds would be the cost of new ones I have ordered Crosbie to put a piece of board in two of them which will act as false bottom untill you come to Speke again

To Peters & Ball

                                    I accept your tender for the rendering of John Suttons cistern with Portland the same being done in best possible manner & to approval you finding all labour materials & carriage necessary for same @ 3/- per yd sup.

Extract from letter from 18/12/1873 from Geo Whitley


            Is in a sad state but Mr. Bubb thinks he can patch it up for the present by his own men.

Extract from letter from 15/1/1874 from Geo Whitley

          Richard Sutton I understand has informed you he will be ready to receive Mr. Woodyer immediately and accommodate him until Mrs. Dunbobin’s removal to John Sutton’s cottage which is in progress.