Jenkinson's Farm

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1881 census
Dwelling:,Smithy Lane Farm
Ann JENKINSON              Head            49             Joint Farmer 93 Acres            Latham,Lancs
Sarah JENKINSON           Head            47             Joint Farmer 93 Acres            Latham,Lancs
John JENKINSON              Bro               56             Farm Bailiff                               Bickerstaff, Lancs
Sarah A. CUMMINS         Serv              22             Domestic Servant                    Liverpool, Lancs
Isabella BARKER               Serv              16             Housemaid Servant               Liverpool, Lancs
Mary BRADSHAW            Vis               20             Housemaid Servant               Speke, Lancs
Patrick O'DONNELL        Serv             24             Labourer Agricultal               Ireland
Michael M. GOUGH         Serv            19              Labourer Agricultal               Ireland

Extract from letter 6/1/1868 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Jenkinsonís farm

            Mrs. Jís daughter wrote to me a short time since saying her Mother was very ill & asking in case of her decease whether the family might continue as Tenants and I promised to communicate with you. There are two daughters & one son and on enquiry from Meredith he says they are quite capable of carrying on the farm the son having reformed. This morning brought me a letter from Meredith saying the old lady had died yesterday morning. There is no hurry in coming to a decision as they could not be disturbed fro the next 18 months.

Extract from letter 19/8/1868 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Jenkinsonís house

            Miss Jenkinson called on me a few days since and says the roof is in such a bad state that they are obliged when it rains to put mugs to catch the water & prevent it damaging the house. Mr. Shelmerdine has surveyed it and will report.

Extract from letter 20/8/1868 from Thomas Schelmerdine

I have examined the late Mrs. Jenkinsonís farm house roof and am of the opinion it requires new slate and roof timbers, it is in a very dilapidated state, and many of the slates or grey flags are split and broken.

If required, this job might be completed before the cold weather sets in.

Speke Estate

Occupier                      House, outbuilding                  Rent                 Per statute acre
And Land contains
 a.       r.      p                        
£      s   d               £   s   d
Ashton James                  93      1     38                         204. 5. 0                2  3 
Atherton Richard          175      0     29                      388.12.0                2  4 
Atherton Thomas          172      3       6                   
   385.  2.0                2  4 
                                      One cottage inclusive 
Atherton William        105    0        20                 
  216.  0.0                   2  1  1
Boyes Joseph                
   20    1        33                       50.  0.0                   2  8  10ľ
Byron F.G.                 
  150    3          9                    335.   1.0                 2  4   5
Cartwright James 
    181    1        28              
Charlton William       119    1        30               
    290.   7.4                 2  8  
                                      Cottage inclusive
Edwards Robert  
         137    0        19                     301.   7.0             2  3  11ľ
Home Farm                   162    1        10  
Holme Edward             117    1        25             
    243     0.0                2   1  
Jenkinson Sarah           188    0        36               
    390.  15.0                2   1   6
                                      One cottage inclusive
Langshaw Thomas      100   3          7                    223.    4.0           
     2   4   3
Mawdsley William     176   2        17                
   394.    2.0                 2   4  
                                       2 cottages inclusive
Pinnington William    18   0        36                    
50.     0.0                  2  14 10ĺ
Leigh Ralph               
  69   3        34                   151.  17.8                  2   3   5
Rimmer Mary          
    89   1        37                   196.  11.2                   2   3  11
Sutton John             
     91    1        17
Sutton William         
39    2          1                     85.  10.0                   2   3   

May 28th 1869 

Extract from letter 8/12/1869 from Geo Whitley

Jenkinson's farm

I have directed an estimate to be prepared for spouts (iron) round the house and buildings for the supply of the terrace cistern which is finished and will I doubt not answer the purpose

Extract from letter 2/4/1870 from Geo Whitley

Jenkinsonís farm

            I was over at Speke on Monday and called here. They are putting up the spouts and Miss J wishes, while the workmen are there to have the other matters attended to, for which I told her I would procure estimates copies of which I enclose.

            Peterís and Ball for repairing the roofs etc                      £8.10.0
          Wainright for pump                                                          £9.12.0

            I suppose these may be completed?

Extract from letter 1/8/1871 from Geo Whitley

Miss Jenkinsonís front door

is in such a dilapidated condition that it is past repair and I have promised a new one before winter as the house having no passage, but opening direct upon the road is a cold one.

Extract from letter from 19/8/1871 from Geo Whitley

Jenkinsonís farm

            Lunt has this morning sent me in an estimate for the front door as follows ďMy estimate for a new 1ĺ four panelled door for Miss Jenkinsonís farm house, Speke including painting will be £2.15.0 Ė I suppose I may order it.

Speke rents Copy Memorial from the Tenants

Received 16 Sept. 1872. G.W.

To James Sprot & George Whitley Esqrs.


            We the undersigned tenants of the Speke estate which you so honourably represent as Trustees of the late Richd. Watt Esq.  Prayeth  That owing to almost the entire loss of the potato crop, damage to the hay & corn crop, the enormous extra charge for labour partly through strikes & the unfavourable weather, increase in the price of all commodities we require whether implements or manures, the low price of agricultural produce, your Memorialists find it quite impossible to pay the present rents.             It has always been our wish to pay the estate (you represent) what we promised, but under the present circumstances your Memorialists request you to make an allowance which you kindly promised in May last*

                                                            We are, Gentlemen

                                                                   Your obedient Servants

Richd. Atherton                      William Chorlton                  Thos. Langshaw
Thos. Atherton                        W. Cartwright                
Wm. Mawdsley
Fred Geo. Byron             
      R. Edwards
Joseph Boyes              
            Ed. Holmes                               John Sutton
Jas. Cartwright               
      A & S Jenkinson                       William Pennington
John Cartwright                 
  R. Leigh                                     William Sutton

            * I must say I do not recollect such a promise having been made.


                                                                        16 Nov 1872

Extract from letter from 3/1/1874 from Geo Whitley

I enclose a letter from Miss Jenkinson which please to read and give me your opinion on it, she seems now to wish that her brother should have the cottage.