Mill Brow Farm

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William Pinnington,             Head,             79            farmer                          Hale Bank, Lancs
Richard Pinnington,             Son                 41,            Ag Lab                         Speke, Lancs
Charles Pinnington,             Son                 30            Ag Lab                         Speke, Lancs
Alice Boyes,                            Dau,              57            Housekeeper                Speke, Lancs
Herbert W Henshaw          Neph             15            Office boy copper works Toxteth Park, Liver
James Flynn                           Serv               44            Ag Lab                           Ireland
James Massey                       Serv               21            Ag Lab                            Ireland

  1881 census
William Pinnington,             Head,             70           Farmer 65 acres            Hale Bank, Lancs
Alice Boyes,                            Dau,                40            Farmers Dau                 Speke, Lancs
Richard Pinnington,             Son                 31,           Farmers Son,               Speke, Lancs
Charles Pinnington,             Son                 20            Farmers Son,               Speke, Lancs
William Boyes,                      Gson,             17,            Carter (Ag Lab),          Speke, Lancs
Herbert W Henshaw,         Gson,               5,                                                      Toxteth Park, Liverpool

William Pinnington,             Head,             61            Farmer 31 acres            Hale Bank, Lancs
Henry Pinnington                   Son            26                Farmers son                 Hale Bank, Lancs
Richard Pinnington,              Son             21               Farmers Son,                Speke, Lancs
Catherine Pinnington            Dau            16                                                        Speke, Lancs
Alice Boyes,                              Dau,            29                                                       Speke, Lancs
Charles Pinnington,               Son            10                Scholar                          Speke, Lancs
William Boyes,                     Gson,             7                 Scholar                          Speke, Lancs

William Pinnington,             Head,            49            Farmer 8 acres             Halewood, Lancs
Catherine Pinnington            Wife            43              Farmers wife                  Maghull, Lancs
Alice Pinnington                    Dau,             19             Farmers daughter         Speke, Lancs
Henry Pinnington                   Son            16              Farmers son                     Speke, Lancs
Elizabeth Pinnington            Dau            14              Scholar                             Speke, Lancs
Richard Pinnington,              Son            11              Scholar                               Speke, Lancs
Catherine Pinnington            Dau            5              Scholar                              Speke, Lancs
Charles Pinnington,             Son            1m                                                         Speke, Lancs

Hale Road
William Pinnington,             Head,             39            Farmer labourer            Childwall, Lancs
Catherine Pinnington            Wife             33             Farmers wife                 Halsall, Lancs
Alice Pinnington                    Dau,               9              Scholar                           Childwall, Lancs
Henry Pinnington                  Son                 6             Scholar                           Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Pinnington            Dau               4              Scholar                           Childwall, Lancs
Richard S Pinnington            Son               1                                                         Childwall, Lancs

  William Pinnington named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Pinnington’s (late Rimmer’s) farm

By book post I send a tracing of the proposed new buildings which on a rough estimate Mr. Shelmerdine thinks will cast about £300, he thinks the barn will stand better at the extreme West end than in the centre of the buildings and there being no lofts over the stable and shippen there must be a chaff house to feed the beasts from which could not be conveniently done from the barn supposing there to be no chaff house.

Extract from letter 8/6/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington (late Rimmer’s) buildings

Mr. Shelmerdine in company with myself and the Tenant made a careful survey of the premises in accordance with your views of alterations and repairs instead of rebuilding and came to the conclusion that these might be with propriety carried out, of course at a considerable outlay, the only main wall which would have to come down is that between the barn and the stable which is in too shattered a condition to stand. The estimate will be sent to you in a few days.

Extract from letter 16/6/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm

I knew that the front wall of the stable would have to come down but unintentionally omitted allusion to it in my letter to you. I send herewith a tracing of the proposed alterations which will afford you all the information you require, at a rough calculation these will cost about £250 and as we have been paid £140 by the Insurance Co the cost of the buildings to the Estate will actually only be £110, if you approve of the plan I will immediately get estimates.

Extract from letter20/6/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm

1.                      The idea of the large door was that a cart might be backed. I quite agree with your observations & have ordered in lieu of it a door of the ordinary size which however must be a new one as the old one was burnt.
2.                  Stable – width of stalls. I have left this
to Pinnington and Mr. Shelmerdine. I should prefer increasing the size of the loose box.
3rd.                  Provender house and calf crib have a loft over & the stairs must therefore remain.
4                   The loft over the Shippen could not be supplied with fodder from the barn

Extract from letter 1/8/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s buildings

            I have seen Mr.  Johnstone & arranged with him to call last Saturday morning for the plan and specification but unfortunately they had been in the hands of another Contractor who had made a mistake in the form of his estimate and they were therefore obliged to be returned to him but they will be in the hands of Mr. Johnstone tomorrow morning.

            Mr. Laurie I find is now in his employ and I will urge matters forward with all possible expedition; Peters & Ball have altered their estimate as follows

Cost for the repairs of Rimmer’s farm house Speke             50. 6. 0.
Cost for the outbuildings                                                        406.14. 0.
26th July 1870                                                                  
      £457. 0. 0.

            The weather here continues excessively hot and we have literally had know rain, the harvest is progressing, the pastures are bare and burnt up & there is no prospect of a green crop, the loss to farmers will be so great that I fear there will be an application to all Landlords for a inveterate allowance

Extract from letter 6/8/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm

            We have at length got in all he estimates which are as under
 July 26 – Peters and Ball
 repairs of house                              50. 6.0.
 ------ on outbuildings                 406.14.0
                                                      £457. 0.0.
 Aug 5 John Lunt
 House-------                                    39. 3.6
 outbuildings                               357. 7.6
 Aug 6 John Johnstone
 House                                           45……
Outbuildings                           412.12.10
Lunt’s estimate being considerably less than the other two must I suppose be accepted, it is very singular that the first and third estimates should be so nearly alike

Extract from letter 20/9/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s house

            Has been some time ready for occupation but there having been some misunderstanding about your orders for the three grates the builders stupidly never informed me but on Pinnington representing me, the matter to me and offering to leave the same number of grates belonging to him in his present residence I gave him an order for new ones so that all of them will now belong to Mr. Watt’s estate.

                                                                                                                                            Pinnington’s farm buildings

            I had yesterday a long conversation with the contractor and he says that on commencing operations on the Shippon and provender house he finds them in a much worse condition than he had anticipated and that it will be most undesirable to carry out the repairs according to the terms of his present contract though it will make no difference to him in a pecuniary point of view if he is ordered to do so, I therefore requested Mr. Shelmerdine to furnish me with a report which I enclose which corroborates the statement of the contractor. I shall therefore be glad to have your opinion on the subject.

Extract from letter 10/10/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s drain

            A thorough examination has been made as to the best method of accomplishing this rather difficult operation owing to the flatness of the land and enclosed you will receive a tracing shewing the proposed line of drain with Mr. Shelmerdine’s report and calculations, early attention will be necessary as the spouts cannot be fixed on the buildings until the line of drain is determined on. It will be a costly job but I do not see how it can be avoided & will have the advantage of carrying off the water from some of Pinnington’s fields if found requisite.

George Weir arrived here on the 3rd instant & I forwarded him to his destination, he is a very little one

Extract from letter 20/10/1870 from Geo Whitley

List of Tenants attending rent day dinner at Speke
1. Richard Atherton                                  21 Charles Key rent £17.18.2
2. Thomas Atherton                                  (James Stockton – Thatcher
3. William Atherton                             X(Thos White-Capt Watts’ tenant
4. F.G. Byron                                      (22 John Seddon – Gardner
5. R. Sutton                                                     (23 Jos. Rigby, rent £10.10.0.
6. John Sutton
7. William Sutton
8. James Cartwright                              X have always
9. John Cartwright                                              attended
10. William Pinnington
11. Jos. Boyes
12. Rob. Edwards                                              24. Joseph Meredith
13. Wm. Mawdsley
14. Edw. Holins                                         The Clergyman
15. William Charlton                                     Occasionally The Doctor
16. Thos. Langshaw                                   Occasionally. any
17. Thos. Langshaw Jnr.                                        other party connected
18. Ralph Leigh                                           with the estate
19. John Barrow     )
20. William Crosby)            Blacksmith & Wheelwright, have always attended

Extract from letter 12/11/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm

            Instructions have been given to Mr. Lunt with regards to the buildings to proceed with all dispatch drainage standing over

Extract from letter 21/11/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm buildings

            I went over to Speke on the 26th with Mr. Shelmerdine Jnr. and fortunately met with Mr. Lunt on the premises. I fully explained to him your views and desired him to furnish me with an estimate of every thing remaining to be done which I now enclose. We made a thorough investigation of the drainage wanted and it is perfectly clear that the roof water cannot be carried off except by means of a drain from the back of the building down to Stocktons wood, if left to find its own level it will flood the pit near the cart shed and cause it to overflow. An old drain, part stones and part tiles, in the proper direction has been discovered but it is

Extract from letter 23/11/1870 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm buildings

            I was over at Speke on Friday last & found these in a forward state towards completion

Extract from letter 15/3/1871 from Geo Whitley

                                                                                Pinnington’s drainage

            I send Plan specification and estimates and as Peters & Ball’s offer is so much less I suppose we must accept it. I have consulted several of the Tenants and they all recommend the use of 6 inch clay tiles in preference to 9 inch glazed pipes as the drain can then be utilised for any other part of the farm but if the latter are used no other drains can be turned into them.

Extract from letter 15/3/1871 from Geo Whitley

                                                                                 Pinnington’s drainage

            I send Plan specification and estimates and as Peters & Ball’s offer is so much less I suppose we must accept it. I have consulted several of the Tenants and they all recommend the use of 6 inch clay tiles in preference to 9 inch glazed pipes as the drain can then be utilised for any other part of the farm but if the latter are used no other drains can be turned into them.

Extract from letter 27/3/1871 from Geo Whitley

Pinnington’s farm buildings

            These are complete & satisfactory and I enclose a cheque for the amount of this contract which please to sign and return to me (£446). The Drain (with 6 inch tiles) is proceeding with. Peters & Ball constantly contract for such works & I gave them the job for making the sewer from the Railway cottage. Standing & Littler of Garston who were general contractors for such work having broken up.