Miss Watt's letters

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These pages contain the letters of Miss Watt, the last owner of Speke Hall and the Speke Estate. They will be added to as time allows. Please click on the links below to view the letters by year.

Spott is a village of Haddingtonshire, 3 miles away from Dunbar, Scotland. Miss Watt bought the estate of Spott, while she had Speke Hall, for £65,000. Spott House is a little way outside the villiage at the base of Doon Hill, it commands beautiful views to Bass Rock and the Isle of May. An old building greatly improved by James Sprot (1804-1882). James Sprot married Mary Watt, he was a great friend of Richard Watt who he met at Oxford. Richard Watt died young leaving his daughter Adelaide, with James and Mary having no children before he died Richard asked James to be Adelaide’s guardian when she was 9 years old. She moved to Spott House to live. She was a shy, gentle and affectionate person.  














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