Near Speke Hall

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1901 census
        James Everly          Head    59      Forman joiner                     Wilts, Knooke
        Bessie Everly         Wife      60                                                     Wilts, Chiltesne
        John A Everly        Son       37                                                      Wilts, Codford St Mary
       Alice M Everly       Dau      32                                                      Wilts, Codford St Mary


1901 census
Robert Daniel Goodwin            Head             55            Farm Foreman                       Linc, Lumbsy?
Ellen Goodwin                             Wife              49            Dairy Maid                             Linc, Stickney?
Edward R Goodwin                    Son               27            Farm Labourer                      Yorks, Brind?
George H Goodwin                     Son               26            Farm Labourer                      Yorks, Brind?
Lizzie M Mason                           Dau              23                                                               Yorks, Brind?
Florance E Goodwin                   Dau             20                                                                Yorks, Brind?
William J Goodwin                      Son             15            Carter on Farm                       Yorks, Brind?

Benjamin Venables                      Head          40            Ag Lab                  Staff, Gayton
Ann Venables                               Wife            50                                            Ches,Kingsley
Harry Venables                               Son              12            Scholar                    Ches Wassingham


  Walter White died January 9th 1888 aged 3 weeks
     Alfred White died January 30th 1888 aged 3 years 5 months
          Frank White died February 21st 1888 aged 15 years accidentally drowned while skating
        Elsie White, Daughter of Moses Henry & Mary White January 24th aged 7 years

1901 census
        Moses White                    Head         55           Gamekeeper                                    Linc,Scamelsby
Ann White                        Wife           57                                                                       Staffs,
        DilhornErnest White     Son            26            Pawnbrokers assistant               Yorks, Stapleton
        Sarah A G White             Dau           25            Dressmaker (at home)                 Yorks, Stapleton
        Agnes Mary white          Dau           22                                                                        Yorks, Stapleton
        Margaret A Heston         Vis             21            Certificated School mistress      Lancs, Cockerů.?
        Margaret Worthington  Vis             38                                                                        Lancs,Cockerů..?

        Moses White                Head          45            Gamekeeper                                      Lincs, Scamelsby
       Ann White                    Wife            48                                                                          Staffs
       Moses Hy White          Son             19           Railway Engine Fireman               Yorks, Gilling
       Ernest White                Son             16            Pawn Brokers Assistant                 Yorks, Darrington
       Sarah A J White         Dau            15                                                                           Yorks, Darrington
      Agnes Mary White     Dau            12             Scholar                                                Yorks, Darrington
      Arthur White               Son             11             Scholar                                                Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Moses WHITE                Head       35        Game Keeper               Sealmsby ?, Linc
        Ann WHITE                    Wife        38                                                 Forsbrook, Staff
        Frederick W. WHITE     Son        10          Son                                Gilling, York
        Moses H. WHITE           Son          9           Scholar                         Gilling, York
        Frank WHITE                 Son           8           Scholar                        Gilling, York
        Ernast WHITE                Son           6           Scholar                        Stapleton, York
        Sarah A. J. WHITE        Daur         5                                                  Stapleton, York,
        Agnes M. WHITE         Daur          2                                                  Stapleton, York,        
       Auther WHITE               Son            1                                                   Speke, Lancashire,
Mary WHILOCK           Visitor     67           Visitor                           Hanley, Stafford,