North Lodge

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William Youd               Gardener

  1901 census
John Moss Lewty            Head            37            Forman on farm            Lancs, Neston much  Hoole
Elizabeth Lewty              Wife             39                                                       Northants, Dawentry
Alice May Lewtry          Dau                3                                                        Lancs, Speke

Thomas Sumner              Head      33        Ag Lab         Ches, Rosthane
      Jane Sumner                    Wife       33                                Ches, Bollington
      Thomas E Sumner         Son          6          Scholar        Lancs, Speke
      Alfred Sumner                Son          3                                Lancs, Speke  

      John SEDDON                Head            65             Gardener (Dom)            Garston, Lancashire,
      Jane SEDDON                Wife              69                                                         Scotland

John Seddon                Head               55               Gardener                          Lancs, Garston
Jane Seddon                 Wife                 58                                                          Scotland

John Seddon                 Head            45            Gardener                     Lancs, Garston
Jane Seddon                 Wife            47                                                    Scotland
Margaret Seddon         Dau             15             Scholar                         Lancs, Speke
John Hodbents             Neph            9                                                      Lancs, Liverpool

John Seddon                        Head            35            Gardener                     Childwall, Lancs
Jane Seddon                         Wife             38                                                    Laswall, Wigtonshire, Sco
Margaret B Seddon            Dau               5             Scholar                         Childwall, Lancs
John Seddon                        Son                3            Scholar                         Childwall, Lancs

John Seddon mentioned in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878   

Extract from letter 5/6/1867 from Geo Whitley

The Lodge

And also tracing of elevation &c and copy estimate and think this, if approved of, ought to be proceeded with as it will be a permanent improvement.


                                                            Hill                                          Tomkinson

  For the Lodge                                                         306.10.0                                  383.0.0
Atherton’s farm                           
   244.10.0                                            329.0.0
Byron’s                                             212.  0.0                           
                                                         £763. 0.0                                            £999.0.0

being a difference in favour of Hill of £236 and as he is a responsible man I should give him the preference.

Extract from letter from 19/11/1867 from Geo Whitley

The Lodges

            I think we ought to accept Mr. Leyland’s liberal offer & have given directions to Mr. Shelmerdine to prepare the plans on a reduced scale & with a view to economy. I hear a most favourable account of our Tenant and that he and his lady have expressed themselves well satisfied with the Hall, if they are so now they will be delighted in the summer.

Extract from letter 6/1/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lodges

            By book post I send plans & elevations. We have not got the estimates until the plans are decided on but in round numbers No. 1. will cost £300 and No. 2 £320. I am afraid therefore we can scarcely expect Mr. Leyland to build one of them though the proposition was his own.

Extract from letter 11/1/1868 from Thomas Shelmerdine

Proposed Lodge Nr. Speke Hall

Dear Sir,

            I don’t think the effect would be spoiled by lowering the pitch of the roof; say 3feet in vertical height and proportionately for the porch, more I would not recommend.
       The roof over the bow window would look well slated with small slates & be less expensive than a lead flat as intended; this is altogether a matter of taste, and the moulding to same a matter of detail

            I have not sent the tracings as I thought they would not be required to accompany this.

Extract from letter 21/1/1868 from Thomas Shelmerdine

In answer to yours of the 16th inst. it is quite a mistake in supposing that roof tiling, say with Staffordshire tiles is as cheap as slating with best Welsh slates, the difference in favour of the latter is about £3.0.0. in every rood of 400 square feet, in the lodge this would make a sum of £6.5.0. that is to say, if tiles such as you propose, the cost would be £27.10.0.   2 galvanised nails, completed 21. 5.0.

                                                                                   £ 6. 5.0.

There is no doubt tiles would look the best & the difference in cost would be this amount. Will you be kind enough to let me know if I shall obtain Builders estimates, or what is to be done.

Extract from letter 6/2/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lodges

            I will see Mr. Leyland and explain your terms as to percentage &c.

Extract from letter 10/3/1868 from Geo Whitley

Mr. Shelmerdine says that Hill of Woolton is fairly entitled to the contract for the Lodges as his estimate for those according to the first plans was correct

Extract from letter 14/3/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lodges

            Mr. Shelmerdine has written for estimates from Hill (Woolton) Peter’s and Ball (do) Nicholson (Toxteth Park) & Laurie but they will not be in until the latter end of next week. If you are therefore only making a short stay in London you might perhaps take Liverpool in your way home again. Mr. Leyland also wishes for a few days longer that he may show you his improvements

            The estimates for the lodges will not I fancy be much below the former ones.

Extract from letter 20/3/1868 from Geo Whitley

Estimates from Builders for Lodges Speke

                                                                                    For one           For two

                                                                                    Lodge              lodges
                                                                  £                      £
Robert Laurie – Garston                                          348                  690
Nicholson & Ayre, L’pool                           
           349                  698
William Hill, Woolton                                            394                  798
Peter’s and Ball, Woolton                        
            404                  814

Extract from letter 6/4/1868 from Geo Whitley

Mr. Leyland desired me today he should be glad if you could have stayed 2 or 3 days with him as he was anxious you should have seen his improvements, he is now in London he much wishes the Lodges to be proceeded with to prevent trespassers. Laurie has been obliged to increase his estimate by £30 as he had made a miscalculation

Extract from letter 20/8/1868 from Thomas Schelmerdine

I beg to inform you

1st. that the tiling for the lodge next to the Hall is completed and as a whole looks well; the darker or strawberry colour tiles having been picked out from the rest, the tiles so far as the work has progressed for the upper lodge do not look quite so satisfactory, though they are all well burnt, and appear a little too red, but not, to my taste, disagreeably so. I expect in a short time the red colour will be destroyed by the dripping from the trees, which surround both lodges. I had a letter from the tile agent in reference to the colour of the tiles, in which he states that is impossible to get all the tiles of a uniform strawberry colour as they all vary in shade.

Extract from letter 24/10/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lodge gates

            I send tracings Nos. 1 & 2 of the proposed ones. Mr. Shelmerdine says they are such as Mr. Leyland has hinted he should like, they appear to me appropriate, the only objection being as usual in such improvements, the expense, the 3 gates are all similar, will cost upwards of £100.  Mr. Leyland wished for a single gate only but this I thought would be so heavy & clumsy to open and shut that I desired sketch No. 2 might also be prepared shewing double gates. If you recommend a much more inexpensive style, a mere wooden gate somewhat in the style of the paling shewn in No. 2 or an iron gate, not however so appropriate, might be substituted. I shall be glad to have your opinion. The ground round the lodges is being levelled and they are now, or will be immediately occupied. We shall have to make a drain, rather a long one from the West Lodge as there is no old one deep enough to turn into.

Extract from letter 30/10/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lodge gates

            I send herewith an amended drawing which will reduce the expenditure most materially please to say if it meets your views. Mr. Shelmerdine has fixed to meet Mr. Meredith tomorrow and arrange as to the drainage of the West Lodge and I have desired him to examine the tree alluded to in your letter and see if it will be suitable for gate posts. Meredith has no available timbers cut for the proposed palings but they can be easily obtained at any of the timber yards. Mr. Leyland called on me yesterday and is desirous that the gates and lodges should be completed and the land straightened up as early as possible as he has got rid of all the workmen out of the house and will then prevent all trespass. He is quite reasonable in his demands and much pleased with the old house but says as the wind howls rather dismally in the large rooms the family use the new rooms in the corridor which are very warm and comfortable. He is opposed to open gates as closed ones tend much more to privacy of the place and the Contractor is decidedly of the opinion that a single gate 12 feet wide would be so heavy & unmanageable in blowing weather in such an exposed situation that there would be great difficulty in opening it.

Extract from letter 13/5/1869 from Geo Whitley

The Lodges

            A difficulty has arisen in settlement of this account in consequence of the cisterns made to contain the roof water being empty and the occupants being without such a necessary article. This is attributed to the boiler being porous and absorbing all the moisture. Whether this is so or not remains to be proved. You will recollect that the tiles are of the same quality as were sent to you at Spott and I shall be glad to know if you have discovered a similar defect. The specification contains the following clause

“the roofs & bow windows to be covered with the best Staffordshire Square tiling of a strawberry colour and of pattern to be approved of and with bands of 3 ornamental and 3 plain with proper lap and the whole fixed on strong battens” &c.

            The manufacturer asserts that the tiles were of the best quality but that all tiles are porous and the Contractor also maintains this doctrine. The remedy is 2 coats of Canadian paint which will cost £5. Do you think it would be the best plan to avoid a dispute to offer to pay one half the sum?