Oglet Lane

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William Ashton                        22                        Farmer                          Lancs
Elizabeth Ashton                     22                                                                Lancs
Richard Ashton                        1                                                                  Lancs
Mary Worrell                            25                        F S                                   No
John Hatton                              20                        M S                                 Lancs
Godfrey Williams                   30                        M S                                 Lancs
Peter Southern                         35                        M S                                 Lancs


Thomas Ireland            Head         42            Farm labourer                 Childwall, lancs
Mary Ireland                Wife            38                                                        Childwall, lancs
Isaac Ireland                 Son             10            Scholar                             Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Ireland                 Dau             9             Scholar                             Childwall, Lancs
John Ireland                  Son              7             Scholar                             Childwall, Lancs
Robert Ireland              Son              2             Scholar                             Childwall, lancs          


George Barrow            Head            20            Blacksmith                  Speke, Lancs
William Crowfore      Lodger         32            Shoemaker                   Ches, Runcorn


John Ashton                   Head            63            Gardener                    Speke, Lancs
Margaret Ashton          Wife             68                                                   Widnes, Lancs
Mary Lomax                  Niece            13            Scholar                        Speke, Lancs



1881 Census
James Hatton                 Head            55             Agricultural Labourer            Speke, Lancashire,
John Hatton                   Son               19             Railway Porter (Ryl)                Speke, Lancashire,

James Hatton                 Head            45            Ag Lab                         Lancs, Speke
Ellen Hatton                  Wife              48                                                   Lancs, Knowsly
James Hatton                 Son              16             Ag Lab                         Lancs, Speke
Thomas hatton             Son              13             Farm servant               Lancs, Speke
William Hatton            Son              12             Scholar                         Lancs, Speke
John Hatton                  Son                9             Scholar                          Lancs, Speke

James Hatton                Head            25            Farm labourer              Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Hatton                 Wife              30                                                     Prescot, Lancs
John Hatton                  Son                8                                                       Prescot, Lancs
William Hatton           Son               4m                                                    Childwall, Lancs

 James Hatton named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Extract from letter from 23/12/1873 from Geo Whitley

Wm. Hatton’s cottage

            I have again spoken to Mr. Bubb and he thinks in which I agree with him that when the time comes it will be better to build 2 new cottages which may be run up for much less than a single one, Hatton would then still remain where he is & Mr. Ralph Leigh   (Hatton’s children, I have given strict orders that they shall not be permitted to sleep in the dangerous old cottage) would have the 2 new ones, the land being ample for all. Mrs. Hatton begs that she may not be obliged to go amongst the rough ones of the Village & her husbands tells me he will willingly continue his walk to his work.

  Extract from letter from 18/12/1873 from Geo Whitley

Hatton’s cottage near Mr. R. Leigh’s

            We made a thorough examination of this and it is in very fair condition but the adjoining building in which 2 of the children only sleep, is in such a ruinous state that it is dangerous and Mr. B says he should recommend its immediate demolition for fear of accident, then if you thought it expedient to raise the present cottage and erect two others adjoining Mr. Leigh might be accommodated and you would have three very desirable dwellings and very good gardens there being plenty of land well adapted for the purpose.

Extract from letter from 16/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Barn Cottages

            Mrs. Hatton (cottage by Ralph Leigh’s) begs that she may not be disturbed as the family have been in the house above 40 years & I expect a similar request from Mrs. Dunbobin to whom I have also sent. The neighbourhood of the nice new cottages as the neighbourhood is not in good repute

Extract from letter 18/9/1872 from Geo Whitley

Hatton’s & Leadbetter’s cottages near John

Cartwright’s (late William Atherton’s) (X)

              Leadbetter’s with the larger garden (0acre.1rood.21perches) is in such a dreadfully dilapidated state, some of the walls being merely brick and clay, that it is not worth repairing & should be taken down. Hatton’s (garden 0acre.1rood.4perches) is better but the walls are exceedingly damp and there should be a drain round the house.

  Extract from letter 9/5/1870 from Geo Whitley

Repairs at Hatton’s cottage

   I will tell Meredith to proceed with these at a cost not to exceed £40


1881 census
William Taylor            Head            59             Farm Labourer                      Speke, Lancashire,
Margaret Taylor          Wife             50                                                                Formby, Lancashire 
Joseph Taylor               Son              23             Ag Labourer                           Speke, Lancashire
William Taylor            Son               21             Ag Labourer                          Speke, Lancashire
Henry Taylor               Son               16             Ag Labourer                           Speke, Lancashire
Markey Taylor            Daur             14             Scholar                                    Speke, Lancashire
Margaret Taylor         Daur             12             Scholar                                    Speke, Lancashire
Elizabeth Taylor        Daur                            Scholar                                   Speke, Lancashire

William Taylor            Head            49             Ag Lab                                     Speke, Lancashire,
Margaret Taylor          Wife             39                                                                Formby, Lancashire,
John Taylor                  Son              18             Ag Lab                                     Liverpool, Lancashire
Ann Taylor                   Dau             16                                                                 Speke, Lancashire
Joseph Taylor               Son              14             Scholar                                     Speke, Lancashire
William Taylor            Son              12             Scholar                                     Speke, Lancashire
Jane Taylor                  Dau             10             Scholar                                      Speke, Lancashire
Henry Taylor               Son                            Scholar                                      Speke, Lancashire
Markey Taylor            Daur                          Scholar                                       Speke, Lancashire
Margaret Taylor         Daur                                                                               Speke, Lancashire

William Taylor           Head            36             Ag Lab                                 Speke, Lancashire,
Margaret Taylor          Wife            29                                                            Formby, Lancashire,
John Taylor                    Son                         Scholar                                  Liverpool, Lancashire
Ann Taylor                  Dau            6             Scholar                                  Speke, Lancashire
Joseph Taylor                Son                        Scholar                                  Speke, Lancashire
William Taylor            Son            2              Scholar                                  Speke, Lancashire
Jane Taylor                   Dau            10           Scholar                                  Speke, Lancashire

William Taylor mentioned in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878   

Extract from letter from 20/10/1873 from Geo Whitley


            Our man, William Taylor, tells me it is a mistake to suppose the straw was rotten as it is really in a proper condition for use.


George Boult                Gamekeeper


John Derryhouse                       head           31            Ag Lab                  Lancs, Speke
Catherine Derryhouse             Wife            27                                            Ireland
Elizabeth Derryhouse              Dau            2             Scholar                   Lancs, Woolton
Margaret Derryhouse               Dau            3m                                           Lancs, Speke
Thomas Talison                    Lodger           45            Ag lab                     Lancs, Liverpool


1901 census
John E Moores                        Head            36            Joiner on estate         Lancs, Manchester
Mary A Moores                      Wife              28                                                  War, Granborough
George E Moores                    Son                2                                                    Lancs, Cockerham
John W Moores                       Son               8m                                                 Lancs, Speke

John O’Reilly                            Head            44            bricksetter                    Ireland
Ann O’Reilly                            Wife             42                                                     Lancs, Aigburth
Thomas O’Reilly                     Son               17            Coal merchant clerk   Lancs, Aigburth Vale
Joseph O’Reilly                       Son               16            Engine fitter appren    Lancs, Garston
Edward O’Reilly                    Son               14            Brickseter appren         Lancs, Garston
James O’Reilly                         Son              13            Scholar                            Lancs, Aigburth Vale
Mary Jane O’Reilly                Dau              10             Scholar                            Lancs, Aigburth Vale
George O’Reilly                     Son               7               Scholar                             Lancs, Garston
Margaret O’Reilly                 Dau               4               Scholar                             Lancs, Speke
John O’Reilly                          Son               8m                                                       Lancs, Speke

  1881 census
Dwelling:47 Cottage
Charles Woodger                 Head            49         Overseer            Roxburgh, Scot
Matilda Woodger                 Wife             40                                     Tyrone Co, Ireland
Saml. John Woodger            Son              14             Scholar           Tyrone Co, Ireland
James Woodger                     Son              10                                       Tyrone Co, Ireland
Charles Woodger                 Son               8                                         Tyrone Co, Ireland
Ellen E. Woodger                 Daur            5                                         Speke, Lancs
Alfred Woodger                   Son                2                                         Speke, Lancs
Richard H. Woodger          Son               4 m                                     Speke, Lancs
Mary Hamshaw                  Serv              23          House Servant  Tyrone Co, Ireland

Charles Woodger named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Extract from letter from 23/2/1874 from Geo Whitley

Barn cottage

Mrs. Byron’s man has taken possession and she wishes to have a small boarded erection at the back for coals &c which is but reasonable & as an improvement to have a few hollies planted in front of both cottages to keep the houses more private. I have desired Mr. Woodyer to set out Ptr Prescott’s garden into 3 portions as you decided on.

Woodyer’s house

            His entry now depends upon himself as he can go in when he desires. Boyes’ Tenant has been got quit of after I believe a very stormy exhibition.


            Seems to take an interest in his new employment is active and intelligent and will I think be an acquisition to our staff particularly in a

general supervision of the estate.

Extract from letter from 2/3/1874 from Geo Whitley


            Woodyer shall attend to these as soon as he receives them, you will of course direct him where to enquire for them.

Extract from letter from 14/3/1874 from Geo Whitley

Drain by Greyhound

            Is progressing properly, Mr. Woodyer tells me he shall require more thorns and beeches as other demands have arisen for them, in consequence of the division of Peter Prescott’s garden into 3 portions and the continuation of the hedge where the Church wall ends which I had fancied was to have been carried on as a wall, it is rather late but if sent off without delay Woodyer thinks it will not be too late for planting. The former order has arrived being 6 days on the journey. The number wanted will be stated to you on Monday. I was rather surprized to hear of the large contract for the Church wall (£600)

Extract from letter from 2/5/1874 from Geo Whitley

Mr. Woodyer

            returned home last night, he has bought you a pony (a pie balled) which he seems to have approved of and forwarded it from Glasgow to Spot, he says the season in Ireland is late and they have not yet finished

sewing their oats, the first part of his time they had much wet.


William Freeman                       Labourer

1901 census
Charles Pinnington                  Head            40            Carter on farm             Lancs, Speke
Eliza E Pinnington                   Wife              39                                                     Ches, Chester
Mary G Pinnington                  Dau             2m                                                     Lancs, Speke  

Annie Margaret Wyke died April 13th 1892 aged 1year 11 months

Thomas W Whyke                 Head            28            Ag Lab                           Lancs, Speke
Jane Whyke                             Wife             26                                                      Lancs, Allerton
Thomas E Whyke                  Son               7              Scholar                           Lancs, Speke
Emma Mary Whyke              Dau              2                                                        Lancs, Speke
Annie M Whyke                    Dau              11m                                                   Lancs, Speke

  1881 census
Dwelling: 48 Cottage
Isaac Leadbetter                  Head            42             Farm Labourer                 Hale, Lanc
Mary Leadbetter                  Wife              37             Farm Labourer Wife      Maghull, Lanc

Isaac Leadbetter                 Head            32             Ag Lab                                Hale, Lanc
Mary Leadbetter                 Wife             27                                                           Maghull, Lanc


Charles Roberts            Shopkeeper

1901 census
Issac Leadbetter              Head            62            Foreman farm lab            Lancs, Speke
Sarah Leadbetter            Wife              52                                                          Lancs, Speke
Frederick E Leadbetter  Son               11                                                           Lancs, Speke
James Blain                     Board           56            Farm labourer                    Lancs, Speke

Issac Leadbetter              Head             51            Ag Lab                              Lancs, Speke
Sarah Leadbetter            Wife               40                                                        Lancs, Speke
Frederick E Leadbetter  Son                 1                                                         Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Dwelling: 49 Cottage
Ralph Dunbavin           Head            49             Farm Labourer                  Speke, Lancashire
Ann Dunbavin              Wife              55                                                            Speke, Lancashire

Ralph Dunbavin           Head            39           Labourer                             Speke, Lancashire
Ann Dunbavin              Wife             44            Dressmaker                        Speke, Lancashire
John Eccles                     Boarder      22             Gamekeeper                       Clifton, Lancashire

  Ralph Dunbavin named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878


Samuel Ireland               Head            36            Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Ireland           Wife            34                                                       Ches, Egremont
Ann Ireland                    Dau             12            Scholar                            Lancs, Garston
William E Ireland         Son                8              Scholar                             Lancs, Garston
Mary J Ireland                Dau              3              Scholar                              Lancs, Speke

Ellen Quick                   Head             70            Pauper                               Lancs, Hale
Mary Quick                  Dau               40                                                         Lancs, Speke
Mary Ann Quick         GDau            10            Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
Jane Quick                    GDau             2            Scholar                               Lancs, Speke

John Quick                   Head            53            Farm labourer                   Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Quick                   Wife             63                                                          Childwall, Lancs
Mary Quick                  Dau              29            Servant                                Childwall, Lancs
Jane Ireland                 Dau              27            Charwoman                      Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Quick             Son              25            Cripple                                Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Quick                  Dau              19            Servant                               Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Ireland          Gson            8                                                            Childwall, Lancs
William Ireland          Gson            5                                                            Childwall, Lancs
James Ireland              Gson            2                                                            Childwall, Lancs

John Quick                                      40            Salt Labourer                      Lancs
Ellen Quick                                     45                                                            Lancs
Mary Quick                                    20                                                             Lancs
Thomas Quick                               15            Salt labourer                        Lancs
Ellen Quick                                     10            Servant                                 Lancs


Ellen Whimpany            Head            60            Charwoman                Lancs, Speke
George Whimpany        Son               25            Ag Lab                           Lancs, Speke
Ellen Grace                      Gdau            9              Scholar                          Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Dwelling:50 Cottage
Ellen Whimpany            Head            50                                                   Speke, Lancs
George Wimpany           Son              17             Farm Lab                     Speke, Lancs
William Whimpany      Son              12             Scholar                         Speke, Lancs
Jane Whimpany             Daur            11            Scholar                         Speke, Lancs
Annie Taylor                   G Da            2              Visitor                          Garston, Lancs
William D. Grace           Head           29            Farm Servant             Halewood
Susan Ellen Grace         Wife            26                                                   Speke, Lancashire
William H. Grace          Son              7              Scholar                         Speke, Lancashire
Annie G. Grace              Daur            1                                                      Sutton St Helens

Charles Whimpany        Head          44            Fisherman                   Lancs, Speke
Ellen Whimpany             Wife           39                                                    Lancs, Speke
Susan Whimpany           Dau           16                                                    Lancs, Speke
Ann Whimpany              Dau           15                                                     Lancs, Speke
George Whimpany         Son            8 Scholar                                       Lancs, Speke
William Whimpany       Son            2                                                       Lancs, Speke
Jane Whimpany             Dau            9m                                                   Lancs, Speke

William Wimpenny        Head         33          Fisherman                    Ches, Tarporley
Ellen Whimpany            Wife           28                                                    Lancs, Speke
Susan Whimpany          Dau            7            Scholar                           Lancs, Speke
Ann Whimpany             Dau            5            Scholar                            Lancs, Speke


Albert Southern            Teamsman

1901 census
William Whyke            Head            54            Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Isabella Whyke            Wife              51                                                      Lancs, Liverpool
Alice A Whyke             Dau               23                                                      Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Dwelling: 54 Cottage
William Whyke                         Head   34         Farm Labourer         Speke, Lanc
Isabella Whyke                         Wife     31                                               Lancs, Liverpool       
Samuel George Whyke           Son       8         Scholar                         Speke, Lanc  
Alice Ann Whyke                    Daur     3                                                 Speke, Lanc


John Lea                        Teamsman
James Latham               Gardener

Anthony Molloy        Head            47            Teamsman on farm         Ireland
Mary A Molloy            Dau            20                                                           Lancs, Bickerstaff
Thomas Molloy            Son            16            Teamster on farm            Lancs, Ormskirk

George White               Head            27            Ag Lab                              Lancs, Speke
Jane White                   Wife              20                                                        Lancs, Speke
Edith White                  Dau              10m                                                     Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Dwelling:51 Cottage
William Leadbetter                   Head       46   Farm Labourer            Speke, Lancs
Agnes Ann Leadbetter             Wife        34                                             Cumberland
Thomas William Leadbetter   Son         10    Scholar                           Whitmore

William Leadbetter mentioned in Miss Watt’s Birthday book 1878


Jonathan Edwards            Head            50            Manager of farm            Lancs, Allerton
Mary Edwards                   Wife             41                                                         Ches, Aldersey
William Edwards              Son              12             Scholar                             Lancs, Speke
Mary Edwards                   Dau              9              Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
Catherine Edwards          Dau              4              Scholar                              Lancs, speke
Joseph Leigh                       Lodger        2                                                           Lancs, Wavertree

Jonathan Edwards            Head          42            Farming 56 acres            Childwall, Lancs
Mary Edwards                   Wife            30                                                         Cheshire
William Edwards              Son             1                                                            Childwall, Lancs


1881 census
Isaac Birchall                    Head            72             Fisherman                       Speke, Lancashire


Isaac Birchall                Head            52            Labourer                              Speke, Lancs
Elizabeth Birchall        Wife             50                                                            Garston, Lancs
Eliza Birchall                 Dau             23                                                            Speke, Lancs
John Birchall                  Son             18            Ag Lab                                   Speke, Lancs
James Birchall               Gson            4             Scholar                                   Speke, Lancs

Isaac Birchall                                    25            Fisherman                             Lancs
Elizabeth Birchall                           25                                                               Lancs
Ann Birchall                                     6                                                                 Lancs
Elizabeth Birchall                           3                                                                 Lancs
Elizabeth Wood                              55                                                                No                  


1881 Census
Ralph Dunbavin         Head            65             Fisherman                     Speke, Lancashire,
Alice Dunbavin          Wife              67             Fisherman Wife            Hale Cliff, Lancashire

Ralph Dunbavin            Head            55            Fisherman                     Speke, Lancs
Alice Dunbavin              Wife             57                                                       Hale, Lancs
Thomas H Dunbavin    Son              14            Scholar                            Speke, lancs

Ralph Dunbavin            Head            46            Fisherman                      Speke, Lancs
Alice Dunbavin              Wife              48                                                       Speke, Lancs
Alice Maddock               Dau              13                                                       Speke, Lancs
Mary Alice Dunbavin   Dau              7              Scholar                            Speke, Lancs
Thomas H Dunbavin     Son              5              Scholar                            Speke, lancs

Alice Maddock             Head            36            Fish monger                      Childwall, Lancs
Peter Maddock             Son               12             Fish monger                     Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Maddock             Dau              11            Fish monger                      Childwall, Lancs
Sarah Maddock           Dau               7                                                            Childwall, Lancs
Alice Maddock            Dau               2                                                            Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Houlgrave      Bro                27            Farm labourer                   Childwall, Lancs

John Maddock                                 30            Salt Labourer                      Lancs
Alice Maddock                                25                                                            Lancs
Mary Maddock                                6                                                              Lancs
Peter Maddock                                4                                                               Lancs
Ellen Maddock                               2                                                               Lancs

Extract from letter 24/8/1870 from Geo Whitley

Dunbobin’s cottage

The tenant & his wife and brother in law called on me in consequence of the notice to quit and of course denied all the reports of his unwillingness to work & said he was now employed by John Sutton who would give him a good character & I have therefore directed Meredith to make further enquiries, they allege that Mr. Watt promised his wife that she should have the cottage for her lifeX

 X I desired her at once to give up her “baby farming”

Extract from letter 20/9/1870 from Geo Whitley

Dunbobin’s cottage

as I had been referred to him for a character of the Tenant of the cottage and I now have ascertained why he is not generally employed on the estate, the fact being that he is not a skilful agricultural labourer, he can neither plough, thatch or attend to horses & consequently no farmer will give him regular employment, otherwise Sutton gives him a good character & says his wife is one of the most respectable cottagers on the estate, they have no family but her husband only receiving a low rate of wages she takes in a respectable class of lodger to enable them to make a living, the story of the children was only an exceptional case. There is however a general objection here to cottage tenants introducing lodgers into their houses it they have space to spare.

Extract from letter 23/11/1870 from Geo Whitley

Dunbobin’s (Dunbavin’s) cottage

I enclose a not from Mrs. D who is greatly distressed at the idea of leaving her cottage. I saw Mr. & Mrs. John Sutton on Friday last (in fact they gave me a good cup of tea) & they both gave me an excellent character of man & wife as to morality and respectability in which they say all their neighbours would join, the husband is industrious and sober but not a first rate labourer though they tell me he would serve me faithfully if I should employ him in the rough work at the cottage of which there will be plenty. Cartwright’s man does not wish to quit his present residence

Extract from letter from 16/11/1873 from Geo Whitley

Barn Cottages

            Mrs. Hatton (cottage by Ralph Leigh’s) begs that she may not be disturbed as the family have been in the house above 40 years & I expect a similar request from Mrs. Dunbobin to whom I have also sent. The neighbourhood of the nice new cottages as the neighbourhood is not in good repute

Extract from letter from 18/12/1873 from Geo Whitley

Barn Cottages

            are finished within a trifle. I have desired Mr. Thompson to block up the windows with some common boards. I saw Miss Jenkinson & she says one of them was promised to her by yourself and she does not wish to part with it. I hope to induce Mrs. Dunbobin to go into the other.

Extract from letter from 3/1/1874 from Geo Whitley

Dunbobin’s cottage

            Mr. John Sutton has just been able to arrange this for me, one of his own cottages will be at liberty in a month into which Dunbobin & his wife may go as it will be quite convenient to them he being in Sutton’s regular employ and the change may be effected without trouble.  


William Dunbavin died August 18th 1884

William Whyke                   Head    45         Ag Lab                     Lancs, Speke
Isabella Whyke                   Wife      42                                            Lancs, Liverpool
Samuel George Whyke     Son       18          Ag Lab                     Speke, Lanc    
Alice Ann Whyke              Dau      13          Scholar                     Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Henry Dunbavin         Head    62        Fisherman                     Speke, Lanc
William Dunbavin      Son      20        Fisherman                     Speke, Lanc

Henry Dunbavin            Head    53        Fisherman                    Lancs, Speke
Mary Dunbavin              Wife     53                                                 Lancs, Speke
Edward Dunbavin         Son      21        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Martha Dunbavin          Dau      18                                                 Lancs, Speke
Alice Dunbavin              Dau      16                                                 Lancs, Speke
William Dunbavin          Son      9          Scholar                          Lancs, Speke

Henry Dunbavin            Head    43        Labourer                      Speke, Lancs
Mary Dunbavin              Wife     43                                                Speke, Lancs
Thomas Dunbavin         Son      15        Labourer                      Speke, Lancs
Edward Dunbavin         Head    12        Scholar                        Speke, Lancs
Martha Dunbavin          Dau      9          Scholar                         Speke, Lancs
Alice Dunbavin              Dau      6          Scholar                          Speke, Lancs
William Dunbavin          Son      7m                                              Speke, Lancs

Henry Dunbavin            Head    32        Fisherman                     Childwall, Lancs
Mary Dunbavin              Wife     32                                                  Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Dunbavin         Son      5                                                    Childwall, Lancs
Edward Dunbavin         Son      2                                                     Childwall, Lancs

Henry Dunbavin named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878


Thomas Mercer            Teamsman

1901 census
Henry Pritchard            Head    45        Foreman on farm          Carn, Llansmon
Jane Pritchard               Wife     35                                            Lancs, Liverpool
Robert H Pritchard       Son      12                                            Lancs, Bootle
Roger R Pritchard         Son      10                                            Lancs, Bootle
Phebe Pritchard            Dau      5                                              Lancs, Speke
Thomas C Prithard       Son      2                                              Lancs, Speke


1881 census
Joseph LEADBETTER          Head      60        Farm Labourer              Garston, Lanc
Alice LEADBETTER             Wife       58        Farm Labourer Wife     Speke, Lanc    
Elizabeth LEADBETTER     Daur      38        General Serv                   Speke, Lanc    
James LEADBETTER            Son         29        Farm Labourer               Speke, Lanc
Jane LEADBETTER               Dau                                                             Speke, Lanc
Alice BARBER                        G Dau    6          Scholar                             Speke, Lanc

Joseph LEADBETTER            Head    48        Ag Lab                     Garston, Lanc
Alice LEADBETTER               Wife     45                                            Speke, Lanc    
Elizabeth LEADBETTER       Daur     28                                           Speke, Lanc    
James LEADBETTER               Son      20        Fisherman               Speke, Lanc
Ellen LEADBETTER                Dau      12        Scholar                    Speke, Lanc
Emma Leadbetter                     Dau      8          Scholar                     Speke, Lanc
Thomas Leadbetter                   Son      6          Scholar                     Speke, Lanc
Jane Leadbetter                         Dau      4          Scholar                     Speke, Lanc
Elizabeth Lowe                         Head    57        Fisherman              Speke, Lanc
Elizabeth Dunbavin                Gdau    12        Scholar                   Speke, Lanc

Joseph LEADBETTER              Head    40        Ag Lab                     Speke, Lanc
Alice LEADBETTER                 Wife     38                                            Speke, Lanc    
Elizabeth LEADBETTER         Daur     19                                           Speke, Lanc    
Mary LEADBETTER                 Dau      15        Scholar                    Speke, Lancs
James LEADBETTER                Son      10        Scholar                     Speke, Lanc
Joseph LEADBETTER              Son      8          Scholar                      Speke, Lanc
Ann Leadbetter                          Dau      5          Scholar                     Speke, Lanc
Ellen LEADBETTER                 Dau      3                                             Speke, Lanc
Sarah Leadbetter                       Son      10m                                         Speke, Lanc
John Lowe                                  Head    67        Shoemaker               Speke, Lancs
Elizabeth Lowe                        Head    50        Fisherman                 Speke, Lanc
Elizabeth Dunbavin               Gdau    2          Scholar                       Speke, Lanc

Alice Dunbavin                          Head    65       Fish monger              Childwall, Lancs
Ralph Dunbavin                        Son      35        Shoemaker                 Childwall, Lancs
Ralph Dunbavin                        Serv     18        Servant                       Childwall, Lancs
Joseph LEADBETTER              S-in-L  29        Farm labourer           Childwall, Lancs
Alice LEADBETTER                 Wife     27                                              Childwall,Lancs
Elizabeth LEADBETTER        GDau   8          Scholar                       Childwall,Lancs
Isabella LEADBETTER           GDau   6          Scholar                       Childwall,Lancs
Alice LEADBETTER                GDau   4          Scholar                       Childwall,Lancs 
Mary LEADBETTER                GDau   2            Scholar                    Childwall, Lancs

Alice Dunbavin                       53        Fish monger      Lancs
James Dunbavin                     25        Fish monger      Lancs
Henry Dunbavin                    20        Fish monger      Lancs
William Dunbavin                15                                      Lancs
Alice Dunbavin                     15                                      Lancs
George Dunbavin                  5                                        Lancs


Richard Leadbetter                   Labourer

1901 census
Richard leadbetter              Head    43        Teamsman on farm       Lancs, Speke
Markey Leadbetter              Wife     36                                                     Lancs, Speke
William H Leadbetter         Son      15        yard boy on farm            Lancs, Speke
Mary Leadbetter                  Dau      6                                                       Lancs, Speke
Richard Leadbetter             Son      4                                                        Lancs, Speke
Mary J Leadbetter               Dau      2                                                        Lancs, Speke

Richard leadbetter             Head    32        Ag Lab                               Lancs, Speke
Markey Leadbetter             Wife     24                                                     Lancs, Speke
William H Leadbetter        Son      5                                                       Lancs, Speke
Margaret A Leadbetter     Dau       3                                                      Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Richard Leadbetter       Head    23        Farm Labourer             Speke, Lanc
William Leadbetter       Bro       25        Ag Labourer                 Speke, Lanc
Mary Leadbetter            Sis        31        Laundress                     Speke, Lanc
William Leadbetter      Son        7          Scholar                          Lancs, Garston
Mary J. Leadbetter        Daur              Scholar                          Speke, Lanc
John J. Leadbetter          Son                                                         Speke, Lanc
Emma Leadbetter         Visitor  18                                                 Speke, Lanc

Ellen Leadbetter              Head    45        Charwoman               Speke, Lancs
William Leadbetter        Son      21        Ag Lab                           Speke, Lancs
John Leadbetter              Son      10        Scholar                           Speke, Lancs

Margaret Ireland             Head    74                                                Speke, Lancs
Ellen Leadbetter              Dau      37                                                 Speke, Lancs
William Leadbetter        GSon   11         Scholar                          Speke, Lancs
Ellen Leadbetter              Gdau    9          Scholar                          Speke, Lancs
John Leadbetter               GSon   2m                                                Speke, Lancs

George Ireland                  Head    61        Ag Lab                       Childwall, Lancs
Margaret Ireland              Head    64                                             Childwall, Lancs
Mathias Leadbetter          S-in-L  31        Ag Lab                       Childwall, Lancs          
Ellen Leadbetter                Dau      28                                             Childwall, Lancs
Eliza Leadbetter               Gdau    8          Scholar                       Childwall, Lancs
Mary Leadbetter               Gdau    6          Scholar                      Childwall, Lancs
Margaret Leadbetter        Gdau    3          Scholar                      Childwall, Lancs
William Leadbetter           Gson    1          Scholar                     Childwall, Lancs

George Ireland                           50              Ag Lab                      Lancs
Margaret Ireland                       52                                                  Lancs
Martha Ireland                           20                                                  Lancs
Thomas Ireland                         18                                                   Lancs
Ellen Ireland                              15                                                   Lancs


Walter Southern           Gardener
Edward Symons           Gardener

  1901 census
Eliza Southern               Head    62                                            Lancs, Speke
Walter Southern             Son      30        Ag Lab                      Lancs, Garston

Eliza Southern               Head    52        Laundress                     Lancs, Speke
Walter Southern           Son      20         Fisherman                     Lancs, Garston

1881 census
George WHYKE            Head    77        Fisherman                     Speke, Lanc    
Eliza SOUTHERN       Daur     42                                                 Speke, Lanc
Walter SOUTHERN    Gson    10         Scholar                         Garston, Lanc

George Wyke               Head    67        Fisherman                        Speke, Lancs
Alice    Wyke                Wife     66                                                     Speke, Lancs
William Wyke              Son      25        Fisherman                        Speke, Lancs
Mary Philips                Dau      30        Glass blowers wife        Speke, Lancs
William Philips          Gson    2m                                                    St Helens, Lancs

George Wyke               Head    57        Ag lab                              Speke, Lancs
Alice    Wyke               Wife     56                                                    Speke, Lancs
Richard Wyke              Son      24        Ag Lab                             Speke, Lancs
Eliza Wyke                   Dau      22                                                   Speke, Lancs
Mary Wyke                  Dau      19        Dressmaker                    Speke, lancs
William Wyke               Son      14                                                  Speke, Lancs

George Wyke               Head    47        Ag lab                          Childwall, Lancs
Alice Wyke                  Wife     46                                                Childwall, Lancs
Betty Wyke                  Dau      21        at home                         Childwall, Lancs
Eliza Wyke                   Dau      12        at home                        Childwall, Lancs
Mary Wyke                  Dau      9          at home                         Childwall, Lancs
William Wyke               Son      4          at home                        Childwall, Lancs

George Wyke                35        Salt labourer     Lancs
Alice Wyke                    35                                     Lancs
Edward Wyke              13                                     Lancs
Betty Wyke                    21                                     Lancs
Thomas Wyke               8                                      Lancs
JosephWyke                  6                                      Lancs
Richard Wyke              4                                       Lancs
Eliza Wyke                    2                                      Lancs


Alice Hartley

1901 census
John Lea                                 Head    24        Carter on farm              Lancs, Maghull
Annie Lea                             Wife      25                                                   Lancs, Speke
William Barber                   B-in-L    28        Horseman on farm       Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Barber                S-in-L    21                                                    Lancs, Speke

Isabelle Barber                   Head    47        Laundress                     Lancs, Speke
William Barber                  Son       18        Ag Lab                            Lancs, Speke
Annie Barber                    Dau       15                                                   Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Barber              Dau       11        Scholar                            Lancs, Speke
Ellen Barber                      Dau       7          Scholar                            Lancs, Speke
George Allen                    Lodger  23        Ag Lab                             Lancs, Halebank

1881 census
James BARBER                Head    46        Farm Labourer             Speke, Lancashire,
Isabela BARBER             Wife      37        Labourers Wife            Speke, Lancashire,
William BARBER            Son                Scholar                           Speke, Lancashire,
Ann BARBER                  Daur              Scholar                           Speke, Lancashire
Elizabeth BARBER        Daur                                                        Speke, Lancashire,

William Barber              Head    60        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke  
Elizabeth Barber           Wife     58                                                  Lancs, Hale
James Barber                  Son      34        Ag Lab                            Lancs, Speke
Alice Barber                  Dau      14                                                  Lancs, Speke

William Barber              Head     51        Ag Lab                     Lancs, Speke  
Elizabeth Barber           Wife       49                                            Lancs, Hale
Ann Barber                     Dau       24                                            Lancs, Hale
Margaret Barber            Dau       15                                            Lancs, Speke
John Barber                    Son         14        Scholar                     Lancs, Speke
Mary Barber                  Dau         8          Scholar                     Lancs, Speke
Alice Barber                   Dau        6          Scholar                      Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Barber          Gdau      11m                                         Lancs, Speke
William Barber            Boarder  82                                             Ches, Marston

William Barber             Head    41        Farm Labourer             Childwall, Lancs          
Elizabeth Barber           Wife     40                                                 Childwall, Lancs
Jane Barber                     Dau      19                                                 Childwall, Lancs
James Barber                  Son      17         Farm labourer              Childwall, Lancs
Ann Barber                     Dau      15        Farm servant                Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Barber           Dau      13        Farm servant                Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Barber                   Dau      11        Farm servant                Childwall, Lancs
William Barber              Son      9           Farm servant                Childwall, Lancs
Margaret Barber           Dau      7                                                   Childwall, Lancs
John Barber                     Son      5                                                   Childwall, Lancs
Lucy Barber                    Dau      1                                                  Childwall, Lancs
William Barber F-in-L  72                                                              Childwall, Lancs

William Barber              30        Salt labourer            Lancs  
Elizabeth Barber           25                                             Lancs
Jane Barber                      9                                              Lancs
James Barber                   7                                              Lancs
Ann Barber                     5                                              Lancs
Elizabeth Barber            2                                              Lancs
Ellen Barber                  1m                                            Lancs
William Barber            60                                              Lancs


Edward Southern           75        Fisherman         Lancs
Martha Southern            60                                     Lancs
Edward Southern          20        Fisherman         Lancs
May Southern                 20                                      Lancs
Peter Southern                15                                      Lancs
Ann Ellis                          65        Farmer                Lancs
Catherine Ellis                40                                      Lancs
William Ellis                   15                                       Lancs
John Ireland                      7                                        Lancs


Thomas Hulme            Labourer

1901 census
George Dunbavin          Head    48        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Agnes Dunbavin           Wife     49                                                  Lancs, Liverpool
Alice Dunbavin             D-in-L  15                                                 Lancs, Speke

James Dunbavin            Head    48        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Agnes Dunbavin           Wife     49                                                  Lancs, Liverpool
Alice Dunbavin              Dau      5          Scholar                          Lancs, Speke
George Dunbavin          Serv     35        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke

1881 census
John DUNBAVIN           Head    76        Fisherman                     Speke, Lanc
James DUNBAVIN         Son      37        Fisherman                     Speke, Lanc
George DUNBAVIN       Son      25        Fisherman                     Speke, Lanc

John Dunbavin               Head    66        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Alice Dunbavin              Wife     61                                                  Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Dunbavin      Dau      33                                                  Lancs, Speke
James Dunbavin             Son      27        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
William Dunbavin         Son      21        Ag Lab                            Lancs, Speke
George Dunbavin          Son      16                                                    Lancs, Speke

John Dunbavin             Head    55        Labourer                      Lancs, Speke
Alice Dunbavin            Wife     55                                                Lancs, Speke
Ralph   Dunbavin        Son      28        Ag        Lab                   Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Dunbavin    Dau      24                                               Lancs, Speke
James Dunbavin            Son      18        Labourer                      Lancs, Speke
William Dunbavin       Son      12        Scholar                          Lancs, Speke
George Dunbavin          Son      6          Scholar             
         Lancs, Speke

John Dunbavin             Head    46        Fisherman                   Childwall, Lancs
Alice Dunbavin            Wife     41                                               Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Dunbavin    Dau      14        at home                        Childwall, Lancs
John Dunbavin              Son      11        at home                        Childwall, Lancs
John Dunbavin              Son      11        at home                        Childwall, Lancs
James Dunbavin            Son      8          at home                        Childwall, Lancs
William Dunbavin        Son      2          at home                        Childwall, Lancs

John Dunbavin named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878


William Dunbavin died March 13th 1910
Margaret Dunbavin died August 9th 1908

1901 census
William Dunbavin          Head    52        Labour on estate           Lancs, Speke
Margaret Dunbavin        Wife     56                                                    Lancs, Speke
John Dunbavin                 Son      24        Labourer on farm          Lancs, Speke
William Dunbavin          Son      22        teamster on farm            Lancs, Speke
Martha A Dunbavin      Dau      19                                                    Lancs, Speke


1881 census
William DUNBAVIN        Head    32        Labourer At Works P... Speke, Lanc
Margaret DUNBAVIN     Wife    36                                                       Speke, Lanc
John DUNBAVIN               Son                                                            Speke, Lanc
William DUNBAVIN        Son                                                            Speke, Lanc


John Lea          Labourer

1901 census
Henry Dunbavin            Head    82        Fisherman                     Speke, Lancs
Thomas Dunbavin         Son      56        Fisherman                     Speke, Lancs
Henry Dunbavin            Gson    27        Fisherman                     Speke, lancs

Henry Dunbavin            Head    72        Fisherman                     Speke, Lancs
Thomas Dunbavin         Son      46        Fisherman                     Speke, Lancs
Henry Birchill                Gson    17        Fisherman                     Speke, lancs


1881 census
Dwelling:62 Cottage
Mark WOOD              Head    40        Head Gardener             Poyuton, Cheshire
Sarah WOOD              Wife     42        Gardeners Wife            West Kirby, Cheshire
Lucy WOOD               Daur     12        Scholar                          Toxteth Park, Lancs
Julia WOOD                Daur              Scholar                          Toxteth Park, Lancs
George WOOD           Son               Scholar                            Aigburth Lpool
Mary WOOD              Daur              Scholar                          Aigburth Lpool
Sidney WOOD            Son               Scholar                           Speke, Lancs


1881 census
Dwelling:63 Cottage
John WHALLEY         Head    22        Farm Teamsman                       Simonswood, Lan
Ann WHALLEY          Wife     18        Farm Teamsman Wife               Melling, Lancs


1881 census
Adam IRELAND         Head    28        Fisherman         Speke, Lanc

Adam Ireland               Head    38        Fisherman         Speke, Lancs
Mary Ireland                Wife      38                                     Roby, Lancs
Edward Ireland           Son       13        Scholar               Speke, Lancs
Mary E Ireland            Dau       12        Scholar              Speke, Lancs
James Ireland               Son      11        Scholar               Speke, Lancs
Catherine Ireland       Dau      7          Scholar               Speke, Lancs
John Ireland                 Son      6          Scholar                Speke, Lancs
Elizabeth Ireland       Dau      5          Scholar               Speke, Lancs
Charles Ireland           Son      2                                        Speke, Lancs

Mary Ireland                Head    74                                    Speke, Lancs
Adam Ireland               Head    29        Labourer          Speke, Lancs
Mary Ireland                Wife     29                                     Roby, Lancs
Edward Ireland            Son      4          Scholar             Speke, Lancs
Mary Ellen Ireland     Dau      2          Scholar              Speke, Lancs
James Ireland               Son      3m                                   Speke, Lancs
Alice Leadbetter          Serv     15                                    Speke, Lancs

Charles Ireland          Head    66        Fisherman         Childwall, Lancs
Mary Ireland               Wife     64                                      Childwall, Lancs
Adam Ireland             Son      19        Labourer             Childwall, Lancs

Charles Ireland                       50        Ag Lab                 Lancs
Mary Ireland                           50                                        Lancs
Edward Ireland                     22                                        Lancs
John Ireland                            19                                        Lancs
Mary Ireland                          15                                        Lancs
Adam Ireland                        10                                        Lancs


James Chadwick                   27        Salt Lab           Lancs
Betty Chadwick                    25                                    Lancs
Mary Ellen Chadwick          1                                    Lancs


John Drinkwater                  35        Fisherman     Lancs
Alice Drinkwater                 36                                 Lancs
Thomas Drinkwater           10                                 Lancs
Ralph Drinkwater               8                                   Lancs
Elizabeth Drinkwater        6                                   Lancs
John Drinkwater                  3                                  Lancs
Jane Quick                           15        F S                    Lancs


Joseph Hitchmough       Head    27        Ag Lab        Hale, Lancs
Mary Hitchmough         Wife     27                                Some, Bath
Mary Hitchmough         Dau      2                                  Hale, Lancs


Harriet Butler                Head    34        Dressmaker      North, Thursing
Charles G Butler           Son      9          Scholar               North, Bransly
Geoege Butler                Son      7          Scholar               North, Bransly
William Butler              Son      5          Scholar               North, Bransly
Alfred Butler                 Son      3                                        Lancs, Trenleton
Ellie E Butler                Dau      1                                        Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth H Butler     Sis        48        Housekeeper    North, Castor


Isaac Birchill                 Head    40        Farm labourer   Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Birchill         Wife     38                                      Childwall, Lancs
Ann Birchill                  Dau      16        at home               Childwall, Lancs
Eliza Birchill                 Dau      13        at home              Childwall, Lancs
John Birchill                  Son      6          at home               Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Wood           M-in-L 66        Visitor                 Budworth, Ches


Thomas Birchill          Head    80         Labourer           Childwall, Lancs
George Birchill            Son       47        Farm labourer   Childwall, Lancs
Henry Birchill             Son       37        Farm labourer   Childwall, Lancs
Richard Leadbetter    S-in-L  35        Farm labourer   Childwall, Lancs
Elizabeth Leadbetter Dau     30                                       Childwall, Lancs
Mary Leadbeter          Gdau    1                                       Childwall, Lancs

Thomas Birchill             70         Labourer         Lancs
Henry Birchill                25                                   Lancs
Ann Birchill                   20                                    Lancs


Peter McManaman            N.K            N.K            Ag Lab            Ireland
Martin O’Boyle                   N.K            N.K            Ag Lab            Ireland