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Extract from letter from 13/1/1873 from Geo Whitley

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your two letters of the 11th and 12th instant enclosing haloes of a 5 note for the benefit of the Policeman at Speke and his family and will take care that it is properly disposed of, he will I feel sure be grateful for your liberal donations. I called at his house last night and found him & his five little children without any assistance, his mother and only relative having been obliged to return to her home near Preston but she had kindly taken one little child with her leaving five at home, the poor baby 7 months old has from its birth been hand fed and another three years old can neither walk or speak. I have no doubt from your kind consideration I shall be able to find a woman to take charge of the house for the present.


Names of men of the Speke Subdivision


Lieut. F. Williams                       Hale.                            Wm. Prescott
Sargt. Webb                                 Hale.                            Peter Prescott
William Haughton                    Hale.                             John Prescott
Wm. Southern                                                                  Wm. Crosby
Edw. Southern                                                                 Ed. Pendleton            Hale
Wm. Southern Jnr.                                                          Ed. Sumner
Wm. Barber                                                                 ______________
Jas. Barber
Jon. Barber                                   Hale                                Total 21
Wm. Leadbetter
Joseph Leadbetter                                                    Average Attendance
John Taylor                                                                 12 per week
Wm. Taylor
Geo. Worrall                                                                John Cook
James Helsby                                                               Sargt. Instructor

Cutting from local newspaper