Poverty Nook

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1901 census
Thomas White              Head    73        Farmer                                     Lancs, Speke
Betsy White                    Wife     71                                                           Lancs, Speke
John White                     Son      44        Ag Lab                                      Lancs, Speke
Joseph White                 Son      35        Ag Lab                                      Lancs, Speke
Mary White                   Dau      26        Dressmaker                             Lancs, Speke

Thomas White              Head    63        Farmer                                     Lancs, Speke
Betsy White                  Wife     61                                                           Lancs, Speke
John White                     Son      34        Ag Lab                                     Lancs, Speke
Thomas White              Son      32        Ag Lab                                      Lancs, Speke
Joseph White                 Son      25        Ag Lab                                     Lancs, Speke
Eliza Alice White        Dau      23                                                           Lancs, Speke
Mary White                  Dau      16        Dressmaker Apprentice       Lancs, Speke

1881 census
Thomas WHITE           Head    52        Farmer 2 Acres            Speke, Lancashire,
Betsy WHITE                Wife     50                                                  Speke, Lancashire,
John WHITE                  Son      24        Ag Labourer                 Speke, Lancashire,
Thomas WHITE           Son      22        Ag Labourer                 Speke, Lancashire,
George WHITE            Son      17        Ag Labourer                 Speke, Lancashire,
Joseph WHITE            Son      15        Ag Labourer                 Speke, Lancashire,
Eliza A. WHITE           Daur    13        Scholar                          Speke, Lancashire,
Mary WHITE   U         Daur     6          Scholar                          Speke, Lancashire,

Thomas White                Head    73        Farmer 3 acres           Lancs, Halebank
Ann White                      Wife     76                                                 Lancs, Speke
William White               Gson    17        Servant                          Lancs, Speke
Thomas White              Head    43        Ag Lab                           Lancs, Speke
Betsy White                    Wife     41                                                 Lancs, Speke
John White                     Son      13        Scholar                           Lancs, Speke
Thomas White              Son      12        Scholar                           Lancs, Speke
Jane White                     Dau      11        Scholar                           Lancs, Speke
George White                Son      8          Scholar                            Lancs, Speke
Joseph White                Son      6          Scholar                             Lancs, Speke
Eliza A White              Dau      3                                                     Lancs, Speke  

Thomas White              Head    63        Ag Lab                         Lancs, Speke
Ann White                     Wife     66                                               Lancs, Speke
Thomas White              Head    33        Ag Lab                         Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth White          D-in-L  32                                               Lancs, Speke
William White              Gson    6          Scholar                         Lancs, Speke
John White                   Gson    4          Scholar                         Lancs, Speke
Thomas White             Gson    2                                                   Lancs, Speke
John Dunbavin           Rel       14        Labourer                         Lancs, Speke

Thomas White              Head    51        Farm labourer                Childwall, Lancs
Ann White                     Wife     53                                                    Childwall, Lancs
Thomas White              Son      24        Labourer                           Childwall, Lancs
Mary White                   Dau      18        Dressmaker                     Childwall, Lancs
John ?                              Gson    4                                                       Childwall, Lancs
Alice Leadbetter          Serv     11        House servant                  Childwall, Lancs
John White                    Gson    4         Scholar                               Childwall, Lancs
Thomas White             Gson    2                                                       Childwall, Lancs
John Dunbavin            Rel       14        Labourer                           Childwall, Lancs

Thomas White              43        Ag Lab         Lancs
Ann White                    45                                Lancs
Mary White                  15                                 Lancs
Thomas White             10                                Lancs
Jane White                   9                                   Lancs
John White                   7                                   Lancs

Extract from letter from 28/9/1872 from Geo Whitley

Lunt’s estimates

Rob. Edwards farm buildings             …         …         …                     30. 0.  0.          do        flooring dining room   …            …         …                     18.10. 0.

            do        Spouts                         …         …         …                      6.10. 0.

                                                                                                                   55. 0. 0.

White’s cottages                                              …         …         …          9. 5. 0.

Repairs at Stockton’s Wood                …         …         …                     38.10.0.

Gate &c                      do                                …         …         …             12. 0. 0.

                                                                                                                   £104.15. 0.

            I have gone fully into these estimates with Mr. Lunt and he says that in the present state of trade it would not remunerate him to reduce them. The dining room floor (flagged) he thinks ought in fairness, in such a house to be boarded as independently, of being very cold the carpets are very quickly worn out.


John Seddon                50        Carter              Lancs
Sarah Seddon               35                                Lancs
Anna Seddon               20                                Lancs
Mary Seddon               13                                Lancs
John Seddon                12                                Lancs
James Seddon              9                                  Lancs
Thomas Seddon          6                                  Lancs
Elenore Seddon            2                                  Lancs
Martha Seddon            1                                  Lancs


1901 census
Robert Southern           Head    59        Fisherman               Lancs, Speke
Rebekah Southern       Wife     44                                            Staf, Wolverhampton
Robert Southern           Son      11                                            Lancs, Speke
Arthur Southern           Son      8                                              Lancs, Speke
Albert Southern            Son      6                                              Lancs, Speke
Bertha L Southern       Dau      3                                              Lancs, Speke  

Robert Southern            Head    49        Ag Lab                    Lancs, Speke
Rebekah Southern        Wife     35                                           Staf, Wolverhampton
Elizabeth Southern       Dau     11        Scholar                    Lancs, Speke
Maud Southern             Dau      10        Scholar                    Lancs, Speke
Maria Southern             Dau      8          Scholar                     Lancs, Speke
Thomas J Southern       Son      3                                              Lancs, Speke
Robert Southern           Dau      1                                              Lancs, Speke
Mary A E Richards       Vis       22        Tailoress                 Lancs, Liverpool          

1881 census
Robert SOUTHERN    Head    43        Labourer (Gen)      Speke, Lancashire,
Rebecca SOUTHERN Wife     24                                            Stafford, England
Maud SOUTHERN     Daur    4 m                                          Speke, Lancashire

William Southern        Head    66        Fisherman                 Lancs, Speke
Ann Southern               Wife     66                                              Lancs, Huyton
Robert Southern           Son       30        Ag Lab                        Lancs, Speke

William Southern        Head    56        Labourer                      Lancs, Speke
Ann Southern               Wife     56                                                Lancs, Speke
Robert Southern           Son      22        Ag Lab                          Lancs, Speke

William Southern          Head    46        Fisherman               Childwall, Lancs
Ann Southern                 Wife     46                                            Childwall, Lancs
George Southern            Son      14                                            Childwall, Lancs
Robert Southern             Son      12                                            Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Southern          Son      10                                            Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Southern              Dau      2                                              Childwall, Lancs

William Southern          35        Fisherman                     Lancs
Ann Southern                35                                                   Lancs
George Southern            5                                                    Lancs
Robert Southern             3                                                    Lancs
Sarah kay                        12        F S                                     Lancs


John Southern               Head    63        Ag lab                          Lancs, Speke

John Southern               Head    53        Fisherman                     Childwall, Lancs
Martha Southern          Wife     52                                                 Childwall, Lancs
John Southern               Son      13                                                  Childwall, Lancs
Richard Southern        Son      11                                                  Childwall, Lancs

John Southern                 40        Fisherman                     Lancs
Martha Southern           40                                                  Lancs
John Southern                4                                                     Lancs
Richard Southern          2                                                    Lancs
John Langford               20        Ag Lab                             Lancs
Alice Langford              20                                                   Lancs
Robert Langford           9m                                                  Lancs


1901 census
James Scott                     Serv     22        Farm Labourer             Ireland
John Murray                  Serv     21        Farm labourer               Ireland

Samuel Forshaw                    Head    35        Working Jewller           Lancs, Liverpool
Margaret Ann Forshaw       Wife     34                                                   Lancs, Lancaster
Elizabeth Ann Forshaw      Dau      13        Scholar                            Lancs, Liverpool
William S Forshaw               Son      7          Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
Margaret Forshaw                Dau      4                                                      Lancs, Speke

Gilbert E Ireland                    Head    34        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Alice Ireland                           Wife      33                                                 Lancs, Speke
John Ireland                            Son      7          Scholar                            Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Ireland                  Dau      5                                                      Lancs, Speke
T I Ireland                               Son      2                                                      Lancs, Speke
Jane Ireland                            Dau      6m                                                  Lancs, Speke


1901 census
Samuel E Ireland          Head    45        Fisherman                              Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Ireland          Wife     45                                                           Ches, Seacombe
William E Ireland         Son      17        Carter on farm                       Lancs, Garston
Mary J Ireland                Dau      12                                                          Lancs, Speke

Adam Forshaw             Head    38        Fisherman                              Lancs, Speke
Maria Forshaw              Wife     28                                                           Lancs, Liverpool
Thomas Ryder              Neph    15        Fisherman                               Worc, Headless Cross
Ada Eliz Ryder             Neic     13        Scholar                                      Worc, Headless Cross

Thomas Ireand              Head    60        Fisherman                     Lancs, Speke
Thomas Ireland             Son      22        Ag Lab                             Lancs, Speke
Ruth Ireland                  Dau      19                                                  Lancs, Speke
Adam   Ireland              Son      17                                                   Lancs, Speke
Samuel Ireland              Son      15        Scholar                            Lancs, Speke  

Thomas Ireand            Head    51        Lab                                   Lancs, Speke
Ann Ireland                  Wife     50                                                  Lancs, Speke
Ellis Ireland                   Son      16        Lab                                   Lancs, Speke
Ann Ireland                   Son      14                                                   Lancs, Speke
Thomas Ireland            Son      12        Scholar                             Lancs, Speke
Ruth Ireland                  Dau      9          Scholar                            Lancs, Speke
Adam   Ireland              Son      8          Scholar                            Lancs, Speke
Samuel Ireland             Son      5          Scholar                             Lancs, Speke  

Thomas Ireand            Head    41        Fisherman                Childwall, Lancs
Ann Ireland                   Wife     40                                            Childwall, Lancs
John Ireland                  Son      16                                            Childwall, Lancs
Gilbert Ellis Ireland     Son      14                                            Childwall, Lancs          
Mary Ireland                 Dau      12                                            Childwall, Lancs
William Ireland            Son      9                                              Childwall, Lancs
Ellis Ireland                   Son      6                                              Childwall, Lancs
Ann Ireland                  Son      4                                              Childwall, Lancs
Thomas Ireland           Son      2                                              Childwall, Lancs

Thomas Ireand                        30        Fisherman               Lancs
Ann Ireland                              30                                            Lancs
Gilbert Ellis Ireland                5                                              Lancs  
Henry Ireland                           2                                              Lancs
William Ireland                       2m                                           Lancs