Rimmer's Farm

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1861 Census
Mary Rimmer               Head            60            Farmer of 80 Acres                  Lancs, Tarbuck
Joseph Rimmer            Son               35                                                                  Lancs, Tarbuck
Richard Rimmer         Son               28                                                                  Lancs, Whiston
Joseph Hay                  Serv              14                                                                    Lancs, Garston
Ann Murphy               Serv            22                                                                    Ireland

1851 Census
Mary Rimmer               Head            50            Farmer of 80 Acres                  Huyton, Lancs
Joseph Rimmer            Son              25                                                                  Huyton, Lancs
Richard Rimmer         Son              18                                                                   Prescot, Lancs
John Rimmer                Son            16            Shop boy                                      Prescot, Lancs
Mary McNicholes      Serv            23            Farm servant                              Mayo, Ireland

Extract from letter 21/1/1890 from James Sprott

                                                                            Rimmerís farm

I have this moment received the unfortunate communication enclosed. You shall hear again in a few days

                                                                        I am Dear Sir

                                                                           Yrs faithfully

                                                                              Geo Whitley

11 oíC

see also extract from one of the Liverpool papers enclosed

James Sprot Esqre.


                                                                        Sunday Jan 30th 1870

Geo. Whitley Esqre


            You will be sorry to learn Rimmerís Farm Buildings are partly destroyed by fire which took place about half past two oíclock this morning.

            Shippon Stable & part of the roof of the barn, the engine from the Hall was there almost directly the alarm was given, & the fire put out, before the engine from Lípool could get there & fortunately there was water close to the Farm Yard, in a day or two I will call on you.

                                                Your obt. Servt.

                                                    Joseph Meredith

The premises are insured us under

            300             on Dwelling house
       X150             on Stable with loft over
      X100             on barn & Shippon brick
                       built & thatched adjoining
15            on engine house
35             Granary adjoining farm
35             on a shed for cart
         15             on cooking house
   X From my present information   I suppose these are lots burnt down, if is we shall  be amply insured in the  total of £250


  Yesterday morning, about four oíclock, a fire broke on in the barns and stables on the Hall- road Farm at Speke, occupied by Mr. Joseph Rimmer. The alarm was passed into town by a mounted messenger. The West of England fire engine and brigade, together with the Salvage Corps, immediately started; but on their arrival it was found that the fire had been extinguished by the engine from Speke Hall. The buildings being thatched, it was fortunate that assistance was so near, or the whole range would have been burnt down. Mr. Rimmer is insured in the Royal Insurance Company, as also are the buildings. The loss will not be heavy. It is supposed that the fire was the work of incendiaries, and two men

Extract from letter 5/2/1870

Rimmerís buildings

            Mr. Shelmerdine has inspected these & will report, you are wrong in supposing the whole of the Insurance money will come to the estate, so much only will be payable as will reinstate the property in its original state.

Extract from letter from 6/2/1869 from Geo Whitley

Rimmerís Farm

            The old lady has called on me and asked if I had heard from you as she fancies you made her some sort of promise that you would take her case into further consideration. I have however told her that she must be mistaken as her land had been divided between other parties.

            Mr. Shelmerdine is from home for a few days but I previously urged him to proceed with all dispatch with his plans and estimates of the proposed improvements at Speke.

            For myself I can only say that I have to apologize for the delay in the delivery of my account which shall without fail be in your hands in a few days

Extract from letter from 11/12/1869 from Geo Whitley

Rimmerís farm

            The Tenant has brought me in a bill of £24.18.8 for gates and unexhausted improvements on which I have made my remarks and I will thank you for your observations. The work has, I have reason to believe been done, but some of the charges are high and the oncoming tenants will not expect to pay any part of them.