Woodend Lane

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William Crosby            Head            31            Wheelright                                 Lancs, Halewood
Jane Crosby                   Wife             35                                                                   Lancs Speke
William Crosby            Son              14                                                                   Lancs, Halewood
Martha Crosy                Dau              6              Scholar                                       Lancs, Speke
Mary Crosby                 Dau              5               Scholar                                       Lancs, Speke
Thomas Crosby            Son               3                                                                    Lancs, Speke
Richard Lyon                Serv           19              Wheelright                                Lancs, Speke

  Richard Lyon named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878


Robert Moody             Head            50            Ag Lab                             Northumberland
Bessy Moody               Wife             52                                                        Scotland
Francis Moody            Son              21            Ag Lab                              Northumberland
Mary J Moody             Dau             19                                                        Northumberland
Andrew Moody          Son             17            Farm Servant                   Northumberland
Robert Moody             Son             13            Scholar                              Northumberland
John Hilshaw             Boarder     28            Ag Lab                               Lancs, Speke
Sarah Hilshaw           Boarder    18                                                         Lancs, Speke


Richard Wyke              Head            33            Ag lab                               Lancs, Speke
Lucy Wyke                   Wife              28                                                        Lancs, Speke 
John Wyke                    Son                 9            Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
Lucy Wyke                  Dau                 7            Scholar                               Lancs, Speke
Alice Wyke                  Dau                5            Scholar                                Lancs, Speke
William Wyke            Son                 1                                                          Lancs, Speke


John Green                   Head            33            Ag Lab                              Ches, Natwhich
Mary Green                  Wife             38                                                        Ireland
George Green               Son               13            Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
John Green                   Son               10             Scholar                              Lancs, Whiston
Thomas Green            Son                 9              Scholar                              Lancs, Woolton
Mary A Green             Dau                7              Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
Sarah Green                Dau                5              Scholar                              Lancs, Speke
Joseph Green              Son                 1                                                          Lancs, Speke


1881 census
Dwelling:  15 Cottage
Elizabeth SOUTHERN            Head            50             Charwoman                Ecleston, Lanc
Peter SOUTHERN                     Son               15              Labourer (Gen)            Speke, Lanc
Mary SOUTHERN                   Daur            13             Scholar                           Speke, Lanc
Thomas SOUTHERN              Son               12              Scholar                           Speke, Lanc

Elizabeth SOUTHERN            Head            43             Housekeeper                Ecleston, Lanc
William SOUTHERN               Son               24            Ag Lab                             Hale, Lanc
Edward SOUTHERN               Son               19            Ag Lab                             Hale, Lanc
Peter SOUTHERN                     Son                 5             Scholar                            Speke, Lanc
Mary SOUTHERN                   Daur               3             Scholar                            Speke, Lanc
Thomas SOUTHERN              Son                 1                                                        Speke, Lanc


1881 census
Dwelling:17 Cottage
George BARBER                       Head                61             Labourer (Gen)            Speke, Lancashire
Ann BARBER                           Wife                  66             Labourers Wife            Chester, Cheshire
Ann BARBER                           G Daur            12             Scholar                            Speke, Lancashire
Susanna BARBER                   G Daur            10             Scholar                            Halewood, Lancashire
Elizabeth M. BARBER           GDau                 8              Scholar                            Garston, Lancashire
Alice BARBER                         G Dau                5              Scholar                            Liverpool, Lancashire
George J. BARBER                  G Son                 4             Scholar                            Liverpool, Lancashire

George BARBER                        Head            50             Ag Lab                  Speke, Lancashire
Ann BARBER                             Wife              56                                            Chester, Cheshire
James BARBER                          Son                22             Ag Lab                 Speke, Lancashire
William BARBER                     Son                 20             Ag Lab                 Speke, Lancashire

George Barber named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878


John Barber                  Head             24            Ag Lab                      Lancs, Speke
Mary Barber                Wife               23                                                 Lancs, West Derby
Ann Barber                  Dau                  2                                                 Lancs, Speke
Susannah Barber       Dau                4m                                               Lancs, Speke


Frederick George Byron died June 5th 1877
Mary Ann Byron died December 25th 1877


Frederick G Byron           Head            53            Commercial Clark, farmer  Of 151acres employing 11 Men and 1 boy            Wes, Kirkby Step                                                    
Mary Ann Byron             Wife              42                                                                                                                                                           Lancs, Huyton
Mary Ann Ball                 Cous             22            Visitor                                                                                                                                  Lancs, Knotty Ash
Samuel L Bushen            Vis                   3                                                                                                                                                           West, Kendal
Ellen McFarlane              Vis                 41                                                                                                                                                           Lancs, Speke
Mary Swift                        Serv               30            General servant                                                                                                                 Lancs, Gateacre
Ellen Leadbetter              Serv               27                                                                                                                                                           Lancs, Speke
Albert Ellson                    Serv               23            Groom & Coachman                                                                                                       Ches, Bunbury
Patrick Nally                    Serv              40            Ag Lab                                                                                                                                  Ireland
Michael Luddon             Serv              23            Ag Lab                                                                                                                                  Ireland

M G Byron named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Extract from letter 25/5/1867 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s shed

            Mr. Shelmerdine is attending to this and report immediately.

Extract from letter 5/6/1867 from Geo Whitley

Byron’s farm

            I also send tracing of proposed additions and copy estimate which amounts to more than I expected.

Extract from letter from 7/8/1867 from Geo Whitley

Byron’s farm

            Mrs. B fights very hard for a granary and is much disappointed that she is not to have one, it will cost £50 but if you will consent to the alteration she will raise the garden wall at a cost of £14 which will be an improvement and also lay out about £10 in painting.

Extract from letter from 19/10/1867 from Geo Whitley

Byron’s farm

            I was over at Speke a short time since & saw Ball who told me he could easily repair the floor of the implement house with the old stones and I desired it might be done. Mrs. B still urges the necessity of a granary & I enclose an estimate for it (£36) and if it be agreed to she will build the wall adjoining the new cart shed herself at a cost of £14, she says that I sometime since told her that it should be so arranged but I really have no recollection of the circumstance.

Extract from letter 6/1/1868 from Geo Whitley

Byron’s, Atherton’s & Leigh’s farms

            In another fortnight all these works will be completed and measured up and we shall not have any further improvements on hand for the present.

Extract from letter 5/2/1868 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s farm

            Mrs. B is very anxious for an improvement to be made in the dining room which she wishes to have enlarged at a cost of £300 for which she would pay 4½ p.cent. interest and do all the carting. I fully explained to her the difficulty in Mr. Watt’s Executors carrying out such a scheme when they had hesitated in laying out such a large sum in the necessary repairs on the estate. However as she wished me to lay the case before you without comment. I have done so

Extract from letter 10/3/1868 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s farm

            I have informed her by letter as I had previously done verbally that her proposed alteration could not be legally carried into effect

Extract from letter 25/9/1868 from Geo Whitley

The Lancashire Election

            I spent last Monday at Speke and saw all the tenants who have votes and they were all desirous and prepared to support the Conservative candidate with the exception of Mr. Byron, Mr. Leigh & Mr. Holme, the two former did not make any promise but I have no hope they will vote for us, the latter acted very properly for being a Catholic he had been hard pressed on the other side & could not have been expected to fight against them, he however said he would not vote at all which is a point gained. His house is still very damp even in the bedrooms but they are progressing with the drain which it is hoped will cure the defect.

Extract from letter 29/12/1868 from Geo Whitley

Speke Estate

“Sewering or drainage from Road and from Mr. F. G. Byron’s house”

I estimate the cost of the above work as under noted – namely

                                                                                                            £   s  d
796 cube yds excavating for drain & man hole                        53. 1. 0.
1356 furl or 678 pipes from house -??????sold
           At the works. Cartage done by Mr. Byron                      28.15.0
                                                (12” diameter)
355 feet or 178 pipes from road and cess pool to sewer           
190 ft or 95 pipes from main drain to house & drain               1 11.8
1 man hole with flag bottom & cover                                           3.10.0
Making good in cellar with ????                                                
1. 0. 0
Do       do   in road with Macadam                                                    10.0
                                                                                                        £93. 6. 8

                                                Thomas Shelmerdine

                                                Surveyor & Land Agent

Extract from letter 9/1/1869 from Geo Whitley

Drain at Byron’s farm

            I yesterday got in the estimates for excavations re exclusive of pipes as follows:

            Peters and Ball------------                   65--------

            Standing and Littler------                  60--------

            Webster and Turner------                   55--------

And as the case was very pressing we at once accepted the 2nd (£60) as being from the best men who are regular contractors for such work.

Mrs. Byron will do all the carting and I believe the pipes are now on the ground. I felt compelled to come to an immediate decision as Mrs.B stated positively that the house in its present condition was not habitable & her husband had decided upon taking lodgings until the nuisance was abated, it is in fact now fully as bad as when you saw it.

Extract from letter 6/2/1869 from Geo Whitley

                                                          Mrs. Byron’s drain

was finished very speedily & has completely answered the purpose, the cellar being now quite dry

Extract from letter 6/2/1869 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s road

This question still remains open & I have told her that you have positive objections to having 2 roads through the estate, one by Richd. Atherton’s house and the other through her fields. In consultation therefore with Mr. Shelmerdine we can only suggest that Rd. Atherton’s road should be stopped up & a new one made between the two farms as shewn in the accompanying tracing but you will see from the rough estimate annexed to it that the cost will be £172.10.0 & I think you will say the outlay is too much.

Extract from letter 3/6/1871 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s farm

            Spouts round the buildings all down and no rain water, barn door nearly down, should be attended to.

Extract from letter 22/7/1871 from Geo Whitley

Spouts &c at Mrs. Byron’s

            Mrs. B has just called & as I intend going over to Speke on Monday I have promised to see myself what her wants are and take Wainwright with me and point out to him that the spouts round the house are too small and do not carry off the water fast enough and moreover are badly fixed, the estimates shall be submitted to you, both Wainwright’s and Hill’s for wood works

Extract from letter from 1/8/1871 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s spouts

            I also send Wainwright’s tender (£26.5.0) it seems a large sum but the length of the barn & other buildings is very great, the barn door and some other wood work is in a wretched condition and I have directed Hill to make a tender for it which he has not yet done.

Extract from letter from 25/11/1871 from Geo Whitley

Byron’s farm

            I have seen Mrs. Byron and she is quite willing to take the 24 acres but cannot possibly afford, so she says, to pay any portion of the expense of the proposed fence separating the land from that given up to Mr. Leyland but would give her assistance with any necessary labour. She however told me that the hurdles round the holly hedge at the Hall are now quite useless in consequence of the rapid growth of the plants and in fact injuring them and I have desired Meredith to ascertain if this be so and if the information is correct we can use them on the present occasion.

Extract from letter from 29/1/1872 from Geo Whitley

Separation of field between Mr. Leyland and Mrs. Byron

            It is now time this fence should be put up. Have you decided to order the rails from Scotland or must we procure them here?

Extract from letter from 31/1/1872 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s field

            I had fancied that there were on hand sufficient posts but rails were altogether wanting. I will ascertain the fact and let you know

Extract from letter from 31/1/1872 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron’s new field

            I also send Crosby’s estimate for new gates rendered necessary by the new arrangement

Extract from letter from 10/2/1872 from Geo Whitley

Gate posts

            I have made enquiry about these but have not received an answer,

Crosby informs me this
            Mrs. Byron wants    4                        morning that there are
          Mawdsley                    20                     a many trees in the wood
            Leigh                           12                    between Byron’s & Atherton’s
                                                                         & Garston which are fast
                                                                        decaying & not worth preserving which would make good posts
                                                                        but it requires caution in destroying a shelter & I should wish you to see them before any are
cut down

Extract from letter from 20/10/1873 from Geo Whitley

Mrs. Byron

            I called here and found a very dismal tale of a mad dog which had bitten a niece of Richard Sutton who lives with him. 2 dogs at the Hall, 2 at Mrs. Byron’s both of which, one a valuable yard dog, had been shot, and done other damage not yet ascertained.


John Southern                      Head            32            Ag Lab                  Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Southern            Wife              24                                            Lancs, Hale
Alice Southern                    Dau                 5                                            Lancs, Speke