Yew Tree Farm

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1935    Arron Harrison Cartwright        Oglet Lane

People Warden of All Saints 1934, Vicars Warden and Treasurer 1936, 1938, 1939, 1940

1901 census
Henry Hatch                         Head    59        Manager of gas works              Lancs, Ecleston
Annie Hatch                         Wife     49        Farmer                                            Lancs, Speke
Edith A Hitchmough         Sdau    16                                                                  Lancs, Speke
Robert H hitchmough        Sson     9                                                                    Lancs, Speke

1891 census
William R Hitchmough    Head     39        Farmer                                     Lancs, Halewood
Annie Hitchmough            Wife      35                                                           Lancs, Speke
Edith A Hitchmough         Dau       6          Scholar                                     Lancs, Speke
William HT Hitchmough Son        2                                                             Lancs, Speke
Jane Leadbetter                   Serv       24        General Serv                           Lancs, Speke
Thomas McTigne              Serv        23        Ag Lab                                      Ireland
Michael Murray                Serv        21        Ag Lab                                      Ireland

1881 census
Thos. Jas. LANGSHAW          Head    36        Farmer Of 100 Acres   Speke, Lancashire,
Hannah BELL                            Serv     50        Housekeeper (D)          Gosforth, Cumber
Sarah WALLS                            Visitor  62        Visitor                            Cumberland,
Betty BARBER                           Visitor   72        Visitor                            Hale, Lancashire,
Sarah J. TAYLOR                      Serv      21        Serv                                  Ireland

Thomas Langshaw        Head    69        Farmer 100 acres         Lancs, Woolton
Thomas J Langshaw      Son      26         Farmers son                  Lancs, Speke
Hannah Bell                     Serv     40        Housekeeper                Cumber, Gosforth
Isabelle Forshaw            Serv     21          Housemaid                   Lancs, Liverpool
Mary Leadbetter             Serv     21          Gen Serv                        Lancs, Speke
Richard Crosby              Serv     25          Farm Serv                       Lancs, Halewood
John Luigley                   Serv     24          Farm Serv                       Ireland

Thomas Langshaw             Head    59        Farmer 99 acres           Lancs, Woolton
Ellen Langshaw                   Wife     56                                                 Lancs, Maghull
John Ashcroft Langshaw  Son      21        Farmers Son                  Lancs, Speke
Elizabeth Langshaw          Dau      19       Farmers Dau                 Lancs, Speke
Thomas J Langshaw          Son      16        Farmers son                   Lancs, Speke
James Stockton                    Serv     22        Farm servant                 Lancs, Speke
James Barber                        Serv     26        Farm servant                 Lancs, Speke
Henry Richardson             Serv     16        Farm servant                 Lancs, Halewood
Alicia Meyara                     Serv     24        Domestic servant          Ireland
Elizabeth Barber                Serv     16        Domestic Serv  ant        Lancs, Speke  

Mathias Lunt died July 17th 1899 aged 69

Thomas Langshaw                Head    49        Farmer 99 acres           Childwall, Lancs
Ellen Langshaw                      Wife     46                                                 Childwall, Lancs
John Ashcroft Langshaw     Son    11        Scholar                              Childwall, Lancs
Thomas J Langshaw              Son      4          Scholar                            Childwall, Lancs
Mary Latter                              Serv     19        House servant               Cork, Ireland
Mary Bannock                        Serv     19        House servant               Huyton, Lancs
Mathias Lunt                         Serv     20        Farm servant                   Liverpool, Lancs
Thomas Quick                       Serv     19        Farm servant                   Childwall, Lancs
William Wright                     Serv     16        Farm servant                   Childwall, Lancs
James Hignett                        Serv     24        Farm servant                   Childwall, Lancs
Anthony McGlein               Serv     22        Farm servant                    Mayo, Ireland
Patsy Maron                         Serv     24        Farm servant                    Mayo, Ireland

Thomas Langshaw                    36        Farmer           Lancs
Ellen Langshaw                         34                                Lancs
John Ashcroft Langshaw        21m                             Lancs
Richard leadbetter                    25        M S                 Lancs
William Birchill                         20        M S                 Lancs
Richard Ireland                         18        M S                 Lancs
John Wyke                                   14        M S                 Lancs
Margaret Davies                        17        F S                   Lancs
Mary Burggis                            12        F S                   Lancs

Thomas Langshaw named in Miss Watt’s birthday book 1878

Extract from letter 2/8/1869 from Geo Whitley

“Longshaws” house repairs and repair alteration and addition to outbuildings